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Since it was Easter last Sunday I wanted to show you what I wore and my Easter dress. Ever since I was little I wore a pretty dress to go to church and hen go on an Easter egg hunt and since I was an only child and had no one really to do it with I got all the eggs which was a plus too. I remember going to the park and having an Easter egg hunt with my classmates because at my mom’s school they would organize a gigantic one by the park of our school and we would go out and find the golden egg and since my mom was principal she gave me hints and I don’t call it cheating but it was a cool advantage because there were actually 10 golden eggs which I found out when I was a lot older so not all the kids would feel bad. It was a very funny trip. I loved everything Easter when I was little to the egg hunting, the decorations and even sitting in the Easter bunnies lap and got my picture taken every year until I found the bunny suit in the school’s closet when I was 12 but I’ll leave that story for another time. Easter was always fun for me and I don’t really do anything anymore for the holiday I do miss it.

I didn’t do anything this year but go out with my family but it gave me a reason to wear a pretty dress so that is a plus. This dress was actually designed and made by me and I absolutely loved how it turned out. It is actually a dress I made when I was 17 with the help of a fashion student who was our neighbor and I’m real proud of it. My idea was it was supposed to be lacey and full of diamonds which I loved at the time but it didn’t turn out as how I pictured it in my head but I don’t think your first projects are ever. I found this material which started this whole thing off since I didn’t have any idea what color I was going for. I also found these diamonds to stick on it and this pretty lace so I put everything together to make this. I wore it a few times on special occasions but I really like. What makes me happy is that this dress is actually too big for me now as I lost a lot of weight then I originally was when I designed it. I was really excited when I tried it on. I just wish I now have a belt or something to make it smaller. I secretly have it pinned at the back to make it fit in the pictures. I guess now I realized it was very beginner and a simple dress but either way I made a dress so its a pretty big deal for me.

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I hope you had a lovely Easter and wore a pretty dress or something fun yourself like I did for a kind of tradition I’ve had over the years. I actually dot have much to add as I didn’t wear a lot like I usually do but I like the simplicity. Hope you liked my Easter dress!

What did you wear on Easter?

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