Caronia The Art of Dance Nail Polish Collection Review & Swatches

Caronia came out with a special nail polish collection with three colors perfect for the season.These nail polishes are in partnership with Ballet Philippines who is a ballet company here in the Philippines and is the longest dance company still going strong. If you’ve read my haul post a few days ago you saw I went out to find these and I finally did! I wanted this collection because I do ballet myself and actually dance with Ballet Philippines and take class there 3 times a week. I heard about this collection coming out and was really excited for it even if there nail polish weren’t rally working for me but when I heard they changed their formula I hoped it would work for me. Every pack of these you donate to their scholarship program and I know a few I dance with so it is going to a good cause which is extra special which is another reason I needed to get a set to show my support as they are amazing dancers.

| Caronia: The Art of Dance Special Nail Polish Collection in partnership with Ballet Philippines |

I love the box an the set is really handy and more affordable than getting each individually if you ant the whole set but if you only are after one then go ahead. I thought it would be cute to add my ballet shoes in the background and they are a little worn as I use them a lot and I don’t have my old pointe shoes which would have made it pretty and perfect for the theme but they are somewhere in storage so I couldn’t. I saw he press release and they were amazing presentation in the ballet shoes as well.

| L – R: Pique, Chasse, Glissade |

There are 3 colors featured in the set. The colors are named after specific ballet moves which is really creative.  

| Pique |

This is a pretty neon coral/salmon pink color which I have been loving and wearing for the past week. It is the perfect color for me and perfect for summer. For me it is more of a neon than the picture and far prettier in person. I wish the camera would have showed how pretty is and so nice on my nails. And can I say how pique turns are my favorite to do in class during across the floor.

| Chasse |

This is such a pretty blue color that is a cobalt/royal blue which I have been looking for to add to my collection after seeing it on a few different blogs and loving that specific shade. I was excited for this shade and love the color in the bottle. I don’t know why it is really streaky in the photo but that is two coats as the rest of the swatches. I haven’t tried it on all my nails but when I tried it on my pinky it was very opaque. The color is also much darker in person which is a lovely shade.

| Glissade |

This green is gorgeous and I hoped to capture in the picture but this was the closest I could get.I love this and didn’t know I would but after reading a lot of review on this I saw it is a favorite as well. I have been into the green nail polish and this is definitely another I am adding. I love that it was opaque in one coat and the one in the picture is two but it wasn’t streaky or anything and to me it has the best formula at of the three.

I personally love the collection and my thoughts are it is a great collection and the colors are good and the formula is quite workable. The packaging was very theme appropriate and being a ballet dancer myself it sold me. I don’t know if I would wear it to class as they aren’t really ballet colors or light for performances but I would wear it anywhere else.

If you want one you can pick them up in local department stores or supermarkets as I did. You can also buy te colors individually which is handy which I also did for a gift. If you do pick up the set you can use their official hashtag which is #CaroniaXBalletPh

Also you can follow both of them on Instagram and Twitter: @CaroniaPh and @BalletPhilippines.To get more information and updates about the brand visit their website here and to get information about Ballet Philippines about the collection or to join then updates about Ballet Philippines visit their website here.

*I am associated with Ballet Philippines but I bought the collection on my own with my own money to show support and was not given anything to review this collection.

What do you think about the collection and what is your favorite color?

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