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I went to lunch with my family last Tuesday at a restaurant besides a
pretty park with a river beside a mini waterfall. Since I was in
love with my outfit that day I got my dad to do a few outfit shots for
me and since he knows a little about photography I didn’t have to really
instruct him. He is also real supportive of my blog and helps me out which I thank him all the time and he is getting good with promoting it to his friends to tell their daughters and stuff and it is real cute.

The place was so pretty and it is brand new by a mall I go to all the time. It was my first time going and I heard so many nice things and so has my dad about this place. I really want to get an apartment by here which you can kind of see in the picture a little and it is such a nice area. I also go to school close which is convenient and makes it easy to travel to but it is quite far from my parent’s house by I think almost an hour drive with traffic.

I love the area and the bridge across the river to see the waterfall is so pretty but was closed off when we went and you could only go see it from  distance but next time I hope to explore more and take more outfit pictures there. I want to do a travel fashion diary because I’m going on a few trips and also road trips to some places so I might get to do that.

| blazer: Sierra Hills, top: Forever21, Leggings: Forever21, shoes: Dexter {similar}, bracelet: Kamiseta, bow: Forever21, |

Here is a fun outtake my Bichon Frise who’s name is Angel and I took. She was with us when we went out & good thing it was outdoors so she wouldn’t have to stay at home or in the car.

Also if your curious why my feet are crossed or on the wrong side is because my dad took the picture when I was in a ballet position since classic music just came on. I had no idea he was going to take the pictures of my shoes yet but they turned out okay over the ones where I knew he was taking the picture so I let them be. The advantages of being a ballerina is crossing your feet so tight that it looks like your feet are backwards. The disadvantage is it makes you look so weird.

This has been my favorite outfit so far and it shows off my style so well. I love wearing clothes like this which are comfortable but still look chic without it making me feel weird or uncomfortable in them. I’m also getting a hang of these outfit shoots & pictures and I’m dying to do more now and I want to admit it is addicting once you start. I hope to have another one up soon and plan more out now that I am confident to do so and actually enjoy it which I never knew I would. ‘Till next outfit! 

What is your favorite outfit you’ve ever worn?

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  1. Jasmine Rabuñal Barrientos
    April 15, 2014 / 7:16 pm

    You look lovely! The pink blazer is very pretty. My favorite outfit is my LBD. I always feel stylish when wearing it.Jasmine xFor a Real Woman So easy Spanish!

    • Jackie
      April 17, 2014 / 5:24 pm

      Thank you so much and I am on the look at for a LBD myself.

    • Jackie
      April 17, 2014 / 5:26 pm

      Thanks it is one of my trademarks to have a bow!

  2. Amy Liddell
    April 15, 2014 / 9:16 pm

    Love the top and the accessories, such a cute outfitSalted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    • Jackie
      April 17, 2014 / 5:27 pm

      Thanks and the bracelets were one of my favorite parts.

  3. Cachoo Joo
    April 16, 2014 / 8:29 am

    Aww that's cool that your dad's so supportive of your blog & even helps you out!! 🙂 Floral print & pastels are so nice for Spring, hey? Great outfit!Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO

    • Jackie
      April 17, 2014 / 5:29 pm

      He does and we bond even more now over it. I love pastels and florals too and they have taken over my wardrobe lately!

  4. Rachael Cocking
    April 17, 2014 / 8:11 pm

    This is such a lovely outfit! Florals and pastels are so perfect for spring 🙂 I've come over from the #fbloggers chat on twitter 🙂 Following you on Bloglovin. I've got a giveaway going on JustRach if you'd like to take a look xo

    • Jackie
      April 19, 2014 / 4:33 pm

      Thanks so much & welcome! I'm really loving the florals & pastels.

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