A Small Beauty Purchases Haul

I went to the mall to do some errands and I went a little crazy at
the beauty store. I only got a few things but when you are trying to
save money this is quite a lot to be buying.They weren’t very expensive
only the Collection concealer but that was a splurge because I really
wanted it. I want to try more beauty stuff and I’m slowly getting there by picking up stuff from my wish list a little at a time. I don’t have a vast collection of products and as a beauty blogger you’d think I would but I am finding more and more stuff I like and want to try from reading blogs and it is getting dangerous! Here are just a few things I had my eye on and wanted to try from my last shopping trips.

 | Caronia: The Art of Dance Nail Collection 119php // $2.69, Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat 42php // $1, Nail Wheel 40php // 90cents |

I’ve been obsessed with nail things and if you’ve read my blog lately in my last Sunday Summaries post I spent several days trying to find this nail polish set and I finally found it in a supermarket that is really hidden from view of all places. I can’t believe a supermarket had it when I’ve been going to all the high end beauty shops to the department stores. Nothing, I could not find this nail polish set and it was bumming me out until I saw the company post it on Facebook saying they restocked them at this supermarket so I called in and with my luck they did so I went out to get them and there they were on the stand. Did I mention how happy I was when I saw them in the beauty section? The Caronia: The Art of Dance Special Nail Polish Collection was on the shelf and I made sure to get one. If you didn’t know I worked for this company over the summer as an intern and I also do ballet there and the some of the proceeds go to the scholars there so I had to buy this because 1) I’m a ballerina and worked for them, 2) I wanted to donate to such a great cause and 3) I love the colors. I’m doing a separate post on the set and review each one but I am wearing the pink coral one right now and love it. I kind of bought two sets, one in a set like this one and the individual polishes also because I was that obsessed with getting them. I also picked up the Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat as I ran out of top coats and didn’t have time to go out and find another one to try and this one was a good price so I snatched it up with the set.

Another thing I got was my first Nail Wheel! I wanted it so I could swatch the set and do a blog post about it instead of painting my nails since they aren’t too long or in good shape right now as I’ve been guilty of biting them over stress. I always saw these nail wheels and didn’t want to order them online for the blog post so I decided to head to a small boutique that I always go to for my nail needs. They have everything I want for nail accessories to nail polish and I have bought quite a lot of stuff over there in the past year or two. It’s kind of nice they know me now and always make me try to buy stuff but I just needed a nail wheel which luckily they did so I got one. I did make a mental wish list of what I do want to get when I go back there as they showed me so many new arrivals they had. Again, very dangerous influences they are.

| Beauty Confidential original price 75php bought 37php // 85cents, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 299.99php // $6.75 |

I was paying my cell phone bill at the mall and picking up something for my dad and this book sale in the middle of the mall caught my eye. Ive been hearing about it from some of my schoolmates a month or so ago that the book store sells books for 80% off and at warehouse rices or something like that so I went and took about an hour to browse and only ended up with this book as I’ve been wanting to get some beauty books to read and learn from. The Beauty Confidential by Nadine Haobsh seemed interesting and I gave it a browse before buying. I only wanted to get one as well because I didn’t have enough cash and they only took cash during the time but when I checked out it was only 37php! The price on the back was not the price and on the bar-code it said it was 499.99php if they sold it at regular price. That was such a good deal and all the books are brand new too. Ive been reading it and it is pretty good. If you’ve read it I would love to know if you are liking it as well. I went back again and bought 6 books which I spent 200php a couple days later which will go up on my lifestyle blog I have which I am starting up again to do book reviews and other lifestyle centered posts.

Finally I picked up the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and if you’ve read my wish list a while back I wanted to try this so bad after a lot of bloggers recommendation I even saw it on the #bbloggers chat saying they loved it as their concealer. So I saw a stand at the department store and picked up the shade Fair 1. I’m not sure if it would match but the tester looked fine as I swatched it so I just have to try it myself. I wanted to pick up some more things but decided against it as the concealer was already 299.99 and I was still on a budget to get other things that day that were necessities. I am slowly going to buy everything off of my Collection wish list but I thought this would be the first thing I pick up off of it and the rest will follow.

That was everything I bought so far and I really wanted to do a haul as I haven’t done one in a while and I love reading and watching them so I thought I would do one myself. I am saving money to get a new camera so this was fairly big for me but also a treat and since everything was a good deal and I wanted one splurge item that wasn’t too big I thought I deserved the concealer as a cheeky gift to myself. If you picked any of these up Id love to know or if you just did a haul I would love a read to see what you are picking up lately.

What has been your latest beauty purchase?

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  1. Laura Hollier
    April 20, 2014 / 8:41 pm

    You have lovely photos! The collection concealer is so goodLaura | Laurzrah xx

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