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I love trying out local makeup brands and when I saw another blogger mention Ellana Mineral Cosmetics I had to check out their line. They specialize in mineral makeup and added their own twist to it and made it their own an with a lot of mineral makeup nowadays it is hard to choose what brand can work with you. It was nice to learn that the Philippines now has their own brand and know how to specialize in the need of our culture and our skin type. I’m only half Filipino but it is nice to see they have a lot of choices for skin color and since mine is very in between that is a plus for me.  I love supporting brands who are from here and I have been buying a lot more recently to try out and review for my blog.

The first thing that caught my attention was the pretty packaging. I mean if you first glance at it the pretty illustration you are lured in and that is one of the points that made me want to try it even more. But just look at the prettiness below of how unique the design is though and it is on all their products. There are different illustrations just like it. Also the colors blend are all so appealing to the eye.Yeah the packaging is amazing but of course I looked at the other benefits too which were a lot.

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Today I wanted to share some of the products I am dying to try and can’t wait to get my hands on it. They’re pretty affordable and have so many choices that it was hard to resist not to pick all of it.

01 | French Vanilla Latte Mineral Foundation
The first thing I choose was a mineral foundation. The color choices are amazing and they have I think 10 shades that can match your skin tone which is a plus. I thought French Vanilla Latte would match my skin but do you know the best part is they will send you a free sample of the shades that match you before you buy it. That was a winning point and I could find the matching shade without any fuss for free and all I have to is pay for shipping.

02 | Espresso Con Panna Finishing Powder
I adore finishing powder and some days that is all I will wear sometimes. It is oil-absorbing which is perfect for my oily skin and with the weather so hot an humid all the time it would be great for the surroundings without worrying to much. I choose this shade again cause based on the picture it would match.

03 | Sheer Velvet Powder Primer

I have never seen a powder primer so this got me curious to try. They also have a spray version which was hard for me which to pick but right now the powder sounded more appealing and would be great to block out y oily skin.

04 | Blush Duo Compact Obsession & Fulfillment
The colors re so pretty! There were  couple duos to choose from but this one was so girly and pretty and would totally be me so I had to pick these shades. Pink and Peach blush look so pretty and I love wearing them so it had to be this shade for me.

05 | Combo Quad in Wish, Brilliance, Charisma & Sensational 
Such a pretty eyeshadow quad and you can’t have too many is my saying. The colors all look so well together and again they have a couple to pick from if you don’t find these shades likable like me. The packaging it seems like for these compacts are so cute and something I don’t have much of in my collection.

06 | Lip Scrub Strawberry Vanilla
Lip scrubs are my best friend. I do have a Lush one and it is running out but this flavor sounded amazing and I love Strawberry and Vanilla so I would love it if it is put together. I have been obsessed with my lips lately and they have been chapping more frequently now so I have been giving them proper attention with lip scrub and lip balms.

07 | Ruby Lip & Cheek Gel
I saw this around other peoples blogs and I thought that was so unique. I’ve always wanted to try one and I hear it is a good seller so I had to pop it onto my wish list. I also love the color and I would like to see how it works on the cheeks and lips and I hop it isn’t sticky.

I hope you enjoyed my wish list this week and if you tried any makeup like this or even this brand I would love to know more. Those were my top picks from the sit and if you want to visit them on their website and I know they have carry t in some shops and I might have to look them up to visit them myself instead of ordering online.

What do you love most about mineral makeup?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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