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One of my favorite Philippine bloggers, Tricia, introduced me to this brand from her blog post and also from her book signing event I attended last Saturday (which will be up soon.) I’ve heard of Japanese and Korean makeup brands but never really got into until now from inspiration from my fave bloggers.

Canmake is a Japanesse brand that just launched in the Philippines. They are ao kawaii and it is such a girly brand and I love that in makeup as I’m a girly-girl myself and what I buy reflects that. When I discovered them I just wanted to look into everything right away and after finding so many things I want I decided to make a wish list I could go to later on and just pick from there. I also saw their post on Facebook saying what are you lusting after most so again that gave me inspiration to do this post and to really look into products that I never tried before and to explore.

It was really hard picking what I wanted because I wanted everything but these are some essentials and products for a full face I can use everyday if I wanted. So this is what I came up with…

01 | Dolly Mat Base
I have never tried a face primer and I really wanted too so this looked perfect and there were so many to choose from and it was pretty hard but this had everything I would be looking for so this definitely one to be on the list. It has a lot of benefits to like having SPF 20 in it and also it makes your skin smooth and matte which would be perfect for my oily combination skin so those were a plus for me. The description says it will leave your skin silky-smooth like a doll’s which is probably where they get the name and it covers irregularities of texture of the skin. Overall it sounds like a good primer to start off with.

02 | Perfect Serum BB Cream
I picked both a BB Cream and a foundation because I just couldn’t makeup my mind because I really want to try a BB cream and with Japan being so famous for them why not try one. This was just by far something I know I would love using and it was a no-brainer picking this out because of so many good things like SPF 50 and it being a natural looking base which I love going for. There is also lighter version which I would love to try as well. There are two shades as well and I choose natural unless the Fair one will fit me better but they just seem like a great BB cream. The site describe it perfectly making me want it even more. This defiantly be a future purchase I guarantee it in the near future!

03 | Smooth Liquid Foundation in Natural Ochre
foundation was in Tricia’s Style Book and she recommends it a lot and
loves it personally so of course I wanted to try it too. When I met her
at the signing her makeup was flawless and I didn’t ask if she was
wearing this exact one but she has said it is lovely and I love hearing
other blogger’s opinion so it had to be on my wish list. There were a
lot of pluses for me with this including it having SPF 20 again, it is
water proof and perfect for all seasons. It sounds promising and
somethings I look for in a foundation which is good. I picked the medium
shade in Natural Ochre which I am not sure of quite yet because I have
fair skin but not so fair if that makes sense. The site offered helpful
insight and said if you are unsure choose this one and so I did. 

04 | Cover & Strech Concealer in Light beige
With late nights being an occurrence with me for the past 3 months, my under eye circles sadly have increased so I’m always looking for a concealer that can hide them and make me look awake and not like a zombie. They had three shades that specialized for each concern which I thought was amazing but I picked the lightest shade as it said it is good for under eyes. The medium one is for spots and the darker one is for redness but I don’t have problems with so the fair shade will be perfect. It has SPF in it and it is made to last and cover those up. It is water proof and sweat proof which is perfect for me and I love the applicator that looks like lip gloss so you can just dab it on without any fuss. A great concealer to add to my collection.

05 | Transparent Finish Powder
The packaging with this is so amazing and I love finishing and pressed powder so I knew I would be wanting one. I think I have seen someone with this product before and don’t remember if it was a beauty video or blog but I saw this in a post and loved the packaging but never knew the brand. I’m glad I found it and it sounds like the perfect finishing po welder for me and I really think it essential to keep the oiliness down especially with the hot and humid weather here. Again it does have SPF and I think all of their bases have SPF because of the weather it makes it essential to have extra sun protection and you don’t have to be adding sunscreen so much cause it is already in it.The benefits of it also made me want it and it does come in one translucent shade which is nice so it can not cake up the makeup and still leave it flawless like how I like it.

06 | Gokubuto Mascara
I really love mascara which is a must when I leave the house so of course I picked one for this list. There were so many to choose from and I finally decided on this one and not just because it was pink but that might of influenced me a little bit but because of the benefits. It is a curling mascara and will give long lashes which I love and since I was blessed with having decent lashes this will help it even more. It’s long lasting but easy to remove which are both what I look for in choosing mascara.

07 | Glow Fleur Cheeks in Wedding Fleur
This is a new product from Canmake and I was following some bloggers who just went to their store launch and they featured this and I fell in love. The design is so me and the shades were just gorgeous. I was on their site for a good hour or so trying to make this post and it probably took me a half hour just to choose the shade I loved the most to feature which says something for me because I am pretty good at deciding and narrowing something down.Just look at the prettiness and I don’t know if I would use it and mess it up but i know I will get over it. When I do purchase though I guarantee I am going to pick all of them up because of how pretty and how lovely the shades are.

08 | Creamy Touch Rouge in Marshmallow Pink
Another recommendation by Tricia and when she instagrams a selfie I just adore the shade on her and I love pink lipsticks myself so this was definitely my choice lip product. The packaging is so pretty in the gold tube. I really like the finish of it too so that was another plus. There are three shades which is a red and an orange and I’m not to into those colors but if I see it in person that might change. I’m obsessed with pink lippies so I will definitely be grabbing this up!

Those were the products on my wish list for this week and I hope I influenced any of you to try Canmake and to pick up some of their products if they are available where you are at because I know I will definitely be getting everything on my wish list as soon as I save up of course.

What do you think of Canmake’s products?

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  1. Adri A.
    March 21, 2014 / 12:38 am

    The packaging is beautiful, especially the blushes!

    • Jackie
      April 17, 2014 / 4:41 pm

      They are and so pretty in person!

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