TRESemmé Thermal Recovery Hair Masque Review

| TRESemmé Thermal Recovery Hair Masque |

|180 ML  // $5.90 |

I have been loving this hair masque lately and I can see a difference with the texture of my hair and also it has become more manageable for me to comb my hair. The best part is it lessens the frizz in my hair and that makes me one happy person. With my hair type being a curly mess this has given it back moisture and I can feel the softness during and after my shower.

It has definitely been my go to product and I have been using a consistent hair care routine the past three week and I have seen a difference when I don’t use this. It is thick and I use half a handful for my hair and use it mostly n my ends and bring it up to my ears so that it doesn’t get my hair greasy but it still doesn’t leave the product in your hair and make it sticky. It washes out well and you know when the product is entirely out. At first I was skeptical if this wouldn’t wash out of my thick hair but it did and as soon as the product got washed out I could feel a big difference. Even the first time I used it I knew it would soon become my favorite.

When I run out which I won’t for a while with this huge container I will definitely be repurchasing this. I have used it twice a week for the past month and a half and really think it is improving my hair.Even when I was living back in the Sates I used their shampoos and I loved their heat protector but when I moved and found out they didn’t carry TRESemmé I was a little sad and had to try out new products which was okay but I already knew that I liked this. One day I saw a commercial on TV announcing they were launching here I was so happy and picked up the shampoo and conditioner set for this and have been using it with the hair masque. My bathroom right now is full of TRESemmé at the moment and it will be one of my favorites I guess for a while.

I would love to hear your thoughts if you use this hair masque and if it does anything for your hair. For me it definitely is working and leaving me with manageable and bouncy curls. I love that it styles easier now and it has a light scent that isn’t bad and overpowering.  I’ll still be using this and see if there are better results and if it helps get rid of my friziness altogether. I hope you enjoyed this review and I have plenty more reviews coming up since I have been in love with expanding my range of products to use.

What hair masque are you currently using?

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  1. Emma Matthews
    March 4, 2014 / 8:29 pm

    Need to try this! Thanks for sharing!Emma x

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