Sunday Summaries | March 2, 2014

This week has been my lazy, do-anything-you-want week and I have been loving it. I finished college last week and so this week has been spent quite well with me doing absolutely nothing and catching up on some much needed sleep. It felt good not having to worry about typing a bunch of essays and papers and also my thesis is also crossed of my list for the time being as I have to go back to defend it but right now I’m not going to think about that and focus on getting back in touch with myself.

Some things I did this week was catch up on the blogging world. I took a whole bunch of blog photos to have stocked up and then the next day edited all the pictures I took on the computer with Photoshop because I just got Photoshop on my desktop. I couldn’t put on my laptop because I don’t know if it could handle to edit all the photos I do so I put it on there. I have been scheduling blog posts and finally I’ve been on twitter  lot more recently so I have been loving that. The last blog related thing I did was catch up on my bloglovin’ feed which was mighty big and left some blog comments because I love writing nice things to other people and make them happy because that reflects on me and makes me happy.

Besides blog business I went out shopping with my parents to get some new things for their house. They got a new washing machine and an iron and also some other stuff because they have been needing some new stuff. We also went grocery shopping and I got some healthy snacks and food choices for me because I know how bad staying home in the summer means and I don’t wanting to be eating junk food and unhealthy meals everyday at my parents. It sounds nice but not after a while.

The other laziest thing I did this week was have a movie marathon in bed while on my laptop in my pajamas. I don’t want to admit this but I did do this I think for 2 days straight. It was so relaxing to just lay in bed with my laptop and just not do anything important. I watched Frozen for the first time and thought it was amazing and of course fell in love with it and had to watch it again and again. I wish I watched it sooner to be with the hype but with all that work I did I think I enjoyed it more since I wasn’t doing anything and I could just relax and take it in without no distractions. I watched a couple more of my favorites but I do have to watch Catching Fire pretty soon since I missed that and really want to watch it but I’m torn with reading the book first and I usually do so I am putting it off even more.

 As for the blog and my Sunday Summaries I really want to have my own pictures I took throughout the week again and maybe start up a weekly instagram roundup like I did before. I also wanted to do a monthly overview to add more lifestyle posts so I think this is me saying that I will try for the month of March to take more instagram pictures and take more pictures because I have been slacking a lot. I also hope I can keep up my schedule this month and write as many blog posts a week as possible.

Basically I had a busy week doing absolutely nothing and enjoyed every minute of it. I might have another few weeks like this before I go back to finish up the final stages of my thesis and other important stuff but for right now I am in luxury and don’t want it to end almost. I hope this post wasn’t too long and rambling. I wanted to tell you about my week and let you in on the stuff I’ve been doing. I hope to have better pictures next week and show you a glimpse of my everyday boring life.


What is the laziest thing you have done when you have a week off?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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