How I Pamper My Skin

Lately I have extra time on my hands so I can spend it wisely by giving myself a little pamper session and it has felt wonderful. I don’t have a regular skincare routine that I follow yet but I do have certain products and procedures I do for a facial I do at home every once in a while. It is definitely cheaper and if you are a person who conscious what you put on your face from products at the store then there are a lot of resources nowadays to help you avoid and find alternatives in replace to those products. I wanted to share how I do at home facials and what I earned over the years.

I started doing at home facials when I was about 14 or so when I saw a recipe in a teen magazine all those years ago and it has pretty much stuck with me but now I am more aware of other ingredients and other methods so it has only improved since then.

My main ingredients usually consisted of honey, milk, egg whites and lemon. That was the original recipe back then and I still remember going to the kitchen and pouring the honey from the bottle shaped like a bear into one of my mom’s giant bowls and then mixing the milk in and then trying my hardest to not get the yellow yolk into the mix and then squeezing the lemon all over it. I then would hurry up the stairs to my room and then smear it all over my face and I still can smell it and feel the runny liquid sliding all over my face. I probably made way too much and then had to wash it down the sink before my mom got angry at me and found out I wasted some important things in the kitchen. She didn’t really understand or believe in things like this so I did it when she wasn’t home. Even though I risked getting caught doing crazy things like this I think it paid off because my skin was so soft after taking off the dried and crusty stuff off my face. I think I left it on for about 30 minutes and it was hard to get off but the results were really surprising to my 14 year old self with no experience in these sort of things.

Later on when I got into blogging and the beauty world I discovered that those ingredients were beneficial and that it can be good for the skin and with reading different blogs and reading up I mixed things up and created different mixes for days my skin needed more love. I enjoy reading up on the DIY facials and facial scrubs so today I thought I would share my thoughts on what I do to pamper my skin.

First I begin with microwaving a giant bowl of water and then with the steam coming from the boiling water I put my face over it and put a washcloth over both my face and the bowl. It is a nice way to relax and also it opens my pours.

After that I take my daily cleanser and get all the dirt and other stuff to wash off so everything is nice and clean before I apply my homemade mask that I make. It really is that simple and I don’t do much else but that.

As for the homemade mask I use is something I got of a random blog I found back then and have been using that one. I do try and mix it up but for today I will share this one which is the easiest for me. I may make another post later on doing a more in depth post and maybe some DIY facial masks of my own. I don’t have the original link for the mask I use anymore but I will list it below.

1 regular sized chocolate bar ( I usually use a 99c one to make it cheaper and make sure it is pure chocolate)

1 cup milk ( I use regular milk)

1 tablespoon of honey 

1 egg (egg whites only)

Step 1 | Put the chocolate in a microwavable bowl and warm until it is fully melted then put it in the freezer for 15 minutes to cool it.

Step 2 | Mix 1 cup tablespoon of the milk into the melted chocolate and stir together. If it is too runny from the milk than add some powdered milk to make it thicker again.

Step 3 | Add 1 tablespoon of honey and mix.

Step 4 | Add 1 egg but only the egg whites into the chocolate and mix until all are mixed together.

Step 5 | Apply this mask on your
face and neck for about 15 minutes and then, rinse it with lukewarm

During the 15 minutes I usually watch TV or catch up reading some blogs and just try an relax because it is you pamper night. I save the rest for another day and this usually can do 2 masks if you don’t put it on excessively which I admit I use to do. If you want it to be a little warm when you put it on I put it back in the microwave for a couple of seconds but make sure you test it before you put it on your face because I learned the hard way and plus if you microwave it too long it will turn runny again which won’t stay on the face very good.

These are the steps I use for an at-home pamper night and I hope you learned from this and maybe use the mask yourself because I would love to know how it worked for you. If you have any other tips or ingredients that I should start adding to my homemade facials then I would love to know and we can share tricks and maybe gain some more knowledge. So I hope everyone enjoys their pamper session!

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What are your steps you take during your pamper session?

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  1. Esther S
    March 11, 2014 / 6:12 pm

    I really wanna try this out. It looks refreshing!Esther | SILVANNIE

    • Jackie
      April 17, 2014 / 4:41 pm

      You can and tell me how it turns out as it is amazing for me!

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