February Favorites 2014

I know this maybe a little late but I was starting to give up on posting this because I couldn’t seem to get the picture in focus and I think this is still a little out of focus but out of the 100 pictures I took I couldn’t seem to get anything to focus correctly. I took 3 batches of pictures everyday to get it right but apparently my camera is hating me and doesn’t want to focus anymore! I think it may be time for a new camera so I can take better blog pictures.

So in February I was loving a lot of hair products to get my hair in better shape and  have been trying out new stuff to see what will help and what I like. It was also a new years resolution for me to get my hair healthier and better condition so it was nice to found some products that I am beginning to love.

The first product is the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray. I love curling my hair in the morning and do it every other morning and since it was my goal to not damage my hair even more than it is I decided to try this because I loved the original I had back in the states but cannot find it here so this had to do. It isn’t sticky and has a pretty nice smell and it does its job so this has been my go to product in the mornings to do my hair.

The second product I loved last month was ST. Ives Nourishing Vanilla Body Wash. I love pampering myself with good smelling products and my favorite scent is vanilla so this was perfect for me. The scent lingers even after my shower so this was a plus also and I have been loving body ashes over bar soap right now but i picked up some new ones too. The bottle is also so big so I know it will last a while.

Another hair product that I have been loving in February came in my January Glamourbox and this is the Snoe Hair Heroes Agent Zero Cleansing Serum. It is used on the scalp, hair and body but I feel it is great to use on my scalp the most. I just take a few pumps from it and massage it on my scalp and it relieves it so much and it cleanses it quite well ad gets rid of product build up.

The nail polish I was loving was China Glaze Diva Bride and I wore this on Valentines Day and for a week after that because it is such a lovely light pink polish and I was in dire need of having some spring colors on my nails. I didn’t get a picture of them for the blog but I will when I wear it again..

My lips were in need of some TLC because of the weather being so bipolar and changing from cold to hot everyday so I have been using this again from the special edition Glamourbox. The Snoe Bedside Beso Balm Deep Moisturizing Lip Treatment is a unique lip balm that is minty on your lips and I love applying it throughout the day and always love the tingling from the peppermint it leaves. I’ve notice that they are nice and not chapped so it is working on my lips.

The last product that I was loving was the TRESemmé Thermal Recovery Hair Masque that I have been using since January and have been loving the results I get from this product.It makes my hair so soft and manageable without frizz which is great for me so that I can start liking to leave my hair down more often.

So those were my favorite products in February and I hope for my March Favorites I have more products I am loving and they are clear and not give me as much trouble as this did the past week. I am also working on reviews for some of these products so if you are interested look out for those on the blog soon!

What did you love most in February?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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