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If I had to describe my fashion style I would say I am on the girly side but also like to keep it simple and classic. I’m not the one to try out new things and follow trends religiously which I thought would never happen but lately I wanted to step out a little more and I popped by the mall to find some new accessories since I don’t wear many as it is.

Stepping out of my little shell helped me discover statement necklaces! I used to think they were tacky and huge pieces hanging around your neck but if you find the perfect one that you like it changes your perspective. As I said I like simple and girly so the choices I picked for today’s Fashion Find are these pretty statement necklaces that I would love to wear. They are my style and aren’t too showy and overpowering which eases me into the trend of statement necklaces.

The bright colored one was a little bold but it was such a pretty color and surprisingly not that big as I imagined. I love the coral and gold together and would look lovely for the summer time to spruce up the outfit and make you look more fun.

The daisy one was so elegant and such a cute girly piece that it looked perfect for my style and was not too big as well which is a plus. I think the floral statement necklaces are adorable and I have to see if I find more because florals have become quite popular for me. I would love to wear it with a simple outfit and something with a pattern for some reason.

The mint one was a little big and really out there for me but I couldn’t pass up on the color since I’ve been really loving the color mint lately. The abstract design is so unique and the pieces go together and make a pretty shape. I’m not really sure how to style this but I think maybe with mint pants is what I would do. Again I’m not really an adventurous dresser so I’m not really sure yet what style I would use to pair clothes with these pieces.

The blush colored one was exactly me. I saw it and loved the color and the pretty design that I can’t really identify. I have also been loving blush pinks for a while and think i have a couple pieces in my wardrobe of this color and think it would go perfectly with that. The necklace is very girly but classic and to me looks like such a nice statement necklace that I could wear.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks fashion finds and I am kind of running out of ideas for this topic but I want to continue to do this series on my blog. So if you would like to make suggestions and help me out on what I can feature next than that would be lovely and I will even credit you for the week. I want to make it a weekly thing again and hope with more ideas I can achieve that. Please leave your ideas in the comments below!

What type of statement necklace do you love to wear?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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