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The other day I went to go look at stores to upgrade my wardrobe for Spring but technically it is almost Summer where I live but I still needed some new clothes for the hotness coming up. So again I wanted to try something new to explore a different style I might have never looked at and today I choose play suits. I think that is what they are called and I might be wrong and it may be different in different countries but I call them play suits and I think they are so cute. Before you would probably never see me go try one on but I did this time and think they perfect for the upcoming season and they are easy to wear and not as prone to wind as a dress or skirt which is great for me since I can hardly wear those on windy days. I’m also going to be attending some classes in the summer for a photography course I signed up for and need some new options to choose from since it will be everyday.

I tried on a cute floral one and really liked it but it was a little short for my liking and not a good fit but I kept going until I realized they were all so short but would look lovely for a beach or a pool day but for a class at a school I don’t think so but I did enjoy trying them on. I did choose some that I liked and maybe help others choose a style they liked for themselves and I’m definitely going to be finding the perfect one for a beach outing with my family before my birthday so it is still an interesting thing to add to my wardrobe.

The spaghetti strap option was something I found to be quite popular but probably not for me. I don’t think I have the confidence to wear one in public but maybe over a bathing suit at a water park or beach would be something I might consider. I love the colors and styles they come with and think there are endless to choose from design wise. I love the cute ones with shorts but wish they didn’t make them so short or I would like them even more.

The tank top style was more of something I would wear without showing too much skin and I think it gives a more girl and cute vibe for some reason. I think I love the floral ones at the moment and have been loving the print lately too so I think that has been the reason. They seem better for wearing out but still not quite there for me and maybe it’s for other people. I do love the necklines though on them.

As for the short sleeve kind of play suits are really the ones for going out to the mall I feel like or hanging out with friends. I do love this style the most and it can be cute as well especially if it has a cut out on the back. I think I tried one on a while back and really liked it but couldn’t part with the money at the time but it was such great material. By far this is my favorite and next time I go out shopping I m keeping this style in mind.

I would love to know what style you love while wearing a play suit and how to style it. I am going to continue to try some more unique pieces I don’t have in my closet like this one. I hope you enjoyed this one and liked the styles I picked and I know there are a lot more out there and different styles and patterns but these caught my eye. See you again for next week’s fashion finds.

What do you think about play suits?

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