BDJ Beauty Social | Real Techniques & Ellana Minerals Booth

Real Techniques has been a brand I have been dying to try and with me following so many of UK beauty bloggers and also some US bloggers who have mentioned their love for these makeup brushes I have known about these brushes from there and wanted to try it for myself. They had all the lines there and even the new ones which I thought was a surprise. They were giving free makeovers which I wanted to get one to as my cousin Lynn did and it turned out amazing but we had to go to lunch since her 6 month baby was acting up a little. When we got back to the booth the line was super long so I didn’t get a chance to get a makeover myself but she loved the brushes and said they were really soft. I have my eye on a couple of faces brushes and will be saving up to get one either from their website or in the next event. We did get some treats which was nice and the chocolate things were good, I’m not sure what they were called but it was a nice treat when we were driving home.

Ellana Minerals was a booth I was looking forward to as I discovered from their facebook page a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t seen my wish list of stuff I want to get from there, you can find it here. I actually got to see in person the products I wanted to try and they are so beautiful in person and better than what I could imagine. I got to see a demonstration and they really convinced me to try mineral makeup which was a surprise for me. The ladies were so nice and I had no idea the lady at the both was a beauty blogger I recently liked on facebook. If I would have known that was her I would get a picture and introduce myself. I really wish now I knew because I really like meeting bloggers in person and it is just so rare for me to find anyone who shares the same hobby as I do. We did get a picture at the booth and some free samples which I will be trying and letting you know what I think.

I hope you were as excited as me to see these products and tomorrows post will be on the Canmake booth and I can’t wait for you to see what I got and my thoughts about it.

What brand would you be dying to see in person at an event?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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