BDJ Beauty Social | Loot Bag & Freebies

Here is the second to last day of BDJ Beauty Social Week where I show you what’s inside my loot bag I received at the event and also some samples I got from the booths I went to. So let’s see what’s inside shall we?

This is what the loot bag contained without the samples from the various booths and freebies but it was an awesome loot bag nonetheless and I actually wanted a new notepad for a while so this will do for now. I love magazines and I’ve been slacking with buying my monthly favorites so I can catch up reading this one. The little piece of paper in the back is my beauty passport we were given when we registered and it has a checklist what to do at the event, a map and a coupon for our photos and loot bag. The last items in the bag were gift certificates and my cousin and I since we both got one are planning a spa day together so that will be fun.

The following sample sizes from the loot bag are from Celeteque. I got a matte moisturizer which I’m excited to use and 4 samples of acne moisturizer gel but I’m not sure if I will use it as I don’t suffer from acne but I’m sure I can try it out. I also got another moisturizer and I think this one is for brightening which I will be using too. The last sample was a sunscreen which is perfect for the summer months that are officially here and since I burn easily since I got the American skin gene from my dad I burn by standing in the hot sun for less than 10 minutes. I’m always looking for new sunscreens to try so I hope I like this one.

This is what everything I got altogether from the booths and samples which were given and I won. I organized everything on my bedroom floor and it looks so pretty together and I got a few things I was so excited to see and analyze more since I didn’t get to really look at everything at the event.

Here are the samples again and up close of the beauty passport and bag. I also won a Canmake Body Cream which I was so excited for which I was talking about in my Canmake Booth post. I also think the packaging of it is so cute and so me.

These are some of the flyers the booth were giving out and I loved to collect them and I think I got one from each booth which was an accomplishment because I thought I didn’t go through all of them. All of them look so pretty together don’t they.

More flyers and my sample from Yves Rocher and Too Cool For School BB Cream that I got from their human vending machine at their booth. I got some coupons and other bits as you can see.

Again more stuff to look at and all the handouts and business cards I got from the ladies at their booths. Next time I’ll have them write their name on the back so I can remember and take note of everything so I can properly review and no more abut it. Don’t you think the ladies look so pretty on the covers?

Now here are the up close of the samples I got which I am most looking forward to using.

Bifesta Makup Remover Sample

I can’t wait to use this and I got the sample perfect for my skin type. Now I have to put some makeup on and try it out.

Ellana Minerals Cosmetics Sample

I got a demonstration and they gave me this and I can’t wait to dip my paws into mineral makeup.

Cure Exfoliator Sample

They tried this on me and I loved how it left my skin and so they gave me a sample. I actually want to buy a full size of this and both my cousin and her husband are planning to get it too because they fell in love with it too.

Real Techniques Brownie

Okay I know this isnt a sample but I do like they gave us a little treat and they were so good. I just added it for cuteness and I wish I could eat these all the time.

Photo Booth Pictures 

I promised I would show you the outcome of our photobooth experience. These are mine and my cousin has one of her with her cute little family and her son is the cutest with the props on. We really went for it and became models for a little while if you couldn’t tell in the photos. I also got one with the Benefit speaker after putting it on instagram.

That was in my loot bag and I know it was one of the best part. Don’t lie and say having a loot bag after an event isn’t fun because it makes the experience and I didn’t care what was inside and I didn’t go just for it but it is a nice treat and I think of it like a remembrance of the event and the time you had. I loved everything i got and I think I can use about 95% of it which is good and I can get use out of it and it wont go to waste.

This will be one of the last post of BDJ Beauty Social Week. I have showed you mostly all my pictures from the event and I also don’t have anything else to write or review abut the event. Tomorrows post will be a bonus/special Sunday Summaries featuring some instagram pictures and a summary of the event including some highlights about the event that I didn’t post about yet so be excited for that.

What did you find interesting in the loot bag?

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  1. Kelly Lelly
    April 2, 2014 / 8:37 pm

    I love those photobooth snaps!!!!They're so cute :DOh, I have a giveaway at the moment! Would love you to enter. Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

    • Jackie
      April 17, 2014 / 5:00 pm

      It was so much fun to do and what a great experience too!

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