BDJ Beauty Social | Benefit and Covergirl Booth

In today’s BDJ Beauty Social post I will discuss my experience for one of the last few booths I haven’t covered yet which are the Benefit booth and the Covergirl booth. I was so excited to head over to the Benefit booth as I have been lusting over so many of their things and really couldn’t wait to see some products. I didn’t go there right away but I did get there towards the middle and luckily I went at a time when no one was really there so we got to take some pictures.

At the booth they had some products on display and they looked so cute up on a giant sized Porefessional. I really love the pckaging of the products and think they are amazing. I really want to try all of these too.

So the concept of their booth was to dress up as Agent Zero Shine and Instagram a picture with the preferred hashtag and you win a prize.We got to take both a solo shot and dressed up and then we took one together as it was so much fun and it was suggested by the Benefit ladies to do this and to pretend to apply it to me.

I got to attend the talk at 3:00 entitle Primed and Ready which features products from their brand and show you how to get a perfect look for summer which is great since it is mostly sunny all the time and very humid so makeup that will last was perfect for me to learn and since I have oily skin it will totally make a difference. It was such a long line and I was afraid I wasn’t going to get in or get a seat because apparently this was a popular talk and a lot of other people registered for it as well. I did end up getting a seat a few rows back so it wasnt too far away. 

The speaker was Miakka Lim and I forgot the name of her model since I am so bad with names. The talk was very informative and I learned a lot and stuff I didn’t know before which is always good and it was such a great experience to go to a beauty talk like this especially with Benefit.

So, she went through the different steps and of course the first part is prepping the face to get a smooth base and all that. I’m not going through the whole talk as I don’t remember like the little details and even if I do it will be such a long post so I just summarized and the pictures looked great so why not? This step was mostly skincare and I hd no idea they had skincare products so I definitely have to try those out too.

The second step was the priming so she gave tips and recommended products to achieve the look and I made sure to take note of mostly everything for my personal reference and what I want to try first and all that and at least now I know what to do and how to achieve a perfect look for summer which will be great and even not for summer I can still try it out.

And one of the last steps for the makeup look was of course the final products like blush and lips. She even told the back story of the Benetints which was intersting to learn and if you knew it you would be amazed too. I loved the final look as it would be something I can wear and I’m not much for full on makeup and this seemed simple enough and not a lot of products to fuss with unless you are into that stuff but it was just some basics she recommended and if you ant to get all in it and know what you are doing than you can make the look more elaborate and add more of your favorite products. It was a good starter for me and a lovely makeup look.

And before she finished up she did a Q and A and I wanted to ask a question but someone already did and you can say why didn’t you think up another one? Well, I was trying to pay attention to the talk, take note of everything I felt I needed, take these pictures with my heavy DSLR and write down a few things so it was pretty hard but I got my answer. Maybe next time I will be more brave and ask a question but right then I wasnt but I did think of a question through the talk and that was a first step because usually I wont because I know I’m to shy anyways but hopefully next time I can ask a question without fear getting in my way.

So after the talk she went to the booth and if you want to get a picture with her you can. I waited to get my loot bag after the talk but already rummaged through my cousins so there were a few spoiler alerts but I knew I was getting mine a little later so I took a peek at hers. The loot bag post will be up tomorrow if you are curious. A few people were already getting their picture taken and I really want mine so I got to go up to her and say thanks for the talk and I really learned a lot. She was so friendly and we took several pictures because they wanted to get it right which I’m glad because who wants blurry pictures? I got it on my iPhone and my camera so I have a lot of pictures and about 300 or so to be exact and not counting the activates my family did afterwards. Pictures are such memories for me and after we took this we got in line for the photobooth so there are a lot  of pictures going on.

Overall had a lovely time at the talk and learned a lot so I ill definitely be checking out those products she recommend that I think are good for me and might go to Mall of Asia soon where they have a branch to go try them out for real. It was definitely worthwhile signing up for that particular talk and I’m glad I didn’t get to miss it.

One of the last booths I went to was Covergirl which is convenient since this is the last booth I’m going to be talking about in BDJ Beauty Social Week so I guess it just fits. I’m a real fan of Covergirl and even though my mom used Revlon which I also loved my first makeup product I bought myself with my own money was a Covergirl pressed powder compact. I think I made a tag post about this and it is somewhere in my older blog posts so it was probably 2 or 3 years ago in the archives. Anyways I wanted to get my makeup done by somebody there and since many of the lines were so long and we couldn’t be there for much longer I decided Covergirl and plus no was in line when I got there and the line started getting long after me. So I waited in line and the lady was nice and asked me about my experience with the brand and I told her that it was my first beauty product and said it was so cool and we talked a little about that and how the makeup in the US is because she wanted to know.

While waiting in line though they told me about their contest which you take a selfie at the event upload it with the hashtag on instgram or facebook and they will pick a winner to get one of their new Jumbo Gloss Balms which I wanted to win but unfortunately I didn’t. It was fun though and maybe I will try one if I see one in stores. They also had a thing where we can trade an old mascara in for a new mascara and get one of there Last Blast ones I think. Next time I will bring one and I hope I remember.

I got the whole look so first I got my face cleaned and since I went to the event with no make as I heard there were giving free makeovers I was prepared. The foundation was nice and she applied it in certain spots with a foundation brush and I just loved getting my makeup done. It is so relaxing and you just transform into another person it seems like and I just like that and it definitely isn’t bad but you are just making you a little more dolled up and prettier and to me there isn’t anything wrong. I’m confident going out with no makeup but when I do have makeup it gives me a little more confidence and a boast or a high almost and you feel different but a good different.

The eyes were a litte harder because I have a lot of under eye circles and they are quite noticeable from staying up finsihing all my college work and plus don’t forget my thesis that I was slaving over everyday and night so that is why she ran concealer and foundation over that part a few times. I told her about it and she nodded and probably knew what I was talking about. I was worried it as going to turn cakey but it looked fine and sure got rid of those dark circles and I looked more awake for once which is a plus!The eyes were a soft neutral smokey which I can not create myself but I liked it and I hav gotten my makeup done with this eye makeup a lot so I guess it is either a popular style or it just suites me I dont really know.

I got my checks and lips done but they skipped mascara, highlight and my eyebrows. They did make them neater and shaved them to make a shape more but I think I have such defind eyebrows and eyelashes she left it alone which I guess was okay but personally I would’ve wanted a little mascara.

These were the products used not all of course but I wanted to get a shot of it. I did get a list of what she used on me and I will make sure to take note so I can recreate the look if I can. In the next picture you can see her writing it down and everything that was used to achieve what is on my face.

And the final look. I didn’t get a close up as the lighting was terrible but I loved the look and it was such my style so I couldn’t complain.

That was the last post I’m doing of what I thought of the booths and a little review of my favorites so I hope you enjoyed it and got a little taste from it if you didn’t get to go at least you got to see some snapshots and feel like you attended. Tomorrows post is the second to last day of my little BDJ Beauty Social Week and it will feature what’s in my loot bag so I hope your excited for that as I’m excited to show you what I got in it.

What do you think about beauty talks in particular and also getting makeup done?

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  1. Adri A.
    March 31, 2014 / 4:04 am

    It looks like it was a great event! The makeup looks beautiful on you!

    • Jackie
      April 17, 2014 / 4:58 pm

      Thanks I had a great tie and the makeup was so much fun to get done.

  2. ShimzBeauty
    March 31, 2014 / 7:23 am

    Looks like you had fun hon. Covergirl and benifit are such brilliant brands :D

    • Jackie
      April 17, 2014 / 4:59 pm

      It was so much fun and they are lovely brands.

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