Sunday Summaries | February 23, 2014

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been absent for quite a while but I don’t think I could have fit blog stuff into the month I had because of so much I had going on. Even when I wanted to have a break to post something I would not have the energy to do so. I spent every waking minute studying or writing or planning and it was just so much. My finals ended this week and I had a 25 page paper and multiple papers I needed to finish in such a short amount of time that my brain was just not handling anything and I cried many times from all of this. It was my final days in college so everything was just a mess and so many things and finals to get through. Now that I am done I can breathe and focus on other things.

I have been on twitter during this past month and have been tweeting about some insane adventures of mine and if you are not following me on twitter than you can do that here at @fashxfairytale I also changed the username and made it without the ‘s’ because it was confusing so that is the new one to contact me on.

I have a special announcement concerning my blog…

I have new changes for my blog coming up and I think I can officially say once I graduate this June I am going to start blogging full time! I am so excited and my dad is supporting me to take time off for a year before I find work or get another degree (I haven’t decided yet) to work on my blog and maybe start a youtube channel! It has been my dream for a few months now and I really want to pursue making videos as that is what my degree is and plus I have been on camera my whole life since I was born I think. My dad was an unofficial vlogger and took so many home videos of me and my family and has been until now so I guess I want to venture into it own my own. I am also planning to offer advertising on my blog in the next couple of weeks and things like that. I am so excited and hope I do become a better blogger and plus I wont be busy focusing on other stuff anymore and give all my attention to that. I hope you can support me on that and I get to accomplish a dream of mine. I am going to invest a new camera and some more equipment and everything is just so exciting!

So that has been happening with my personal life and my plans for the future. I hope you are as excited for me for launching my blog full time.

What do you do when you have too many things to handle?


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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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