Nail Trends | Mint and Gold

I have been loving mint and gold together recently and have been obsessed with the color combination. I’m usually a girl who loves pink and has everything pink and it is still my favorite color but I love these two as a color combination and think they look great together. I first saw these colors on my Pinterest in a lot of fashion posts and then I discovered people had been painting their nails with it and I automatically grabbed my polishes and painted them with these two colors and thought it was so amazing.

So today I wanted to show some inspiration with these colors and the prettiness when combined together. I picked a few polishes that I thought looked great for these and I think when the gold is a glitter it makes it even more special and lovely to look at. Plus they look great for other things and I have been adding them as accent colors around my room because they just make it seem more modern and chic looking.


Here are a few nail designs I feel in love with and want to try more of this combo for my nails especially in the upcoming months when Spring is officially here.

I have more mint and god color combination stuff on my Pinterest if you would like to follow. I have been loving it and it has been keeping my boredom away during the day. I post a variety of images that I absolutely love and find inspiring to me so if you like home decor, fashion/beauty stuff and a few ballet images and other pretty things don’t forget to follow it and I am close to a 100 followers so that would be amazing if I could reach that. Hope you enjoyed my little inspiration post and I have been loving these types of post to write and to read so tell me if you like them too.

What are your favorite color combinations at the moment?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  1. his little lady
    February 24, 2014 / 10:02 pm

    Definitely loving these nails! What a great color combo :)xo TJ

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