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I wanted to let my blog readers know what I have been up to lately and why I haven’t posted in so long and here are a few things I’ve been doing lately that have taken time away from my blog and other social activities.

C U R R E N T L Y . . .

R E A D I N G | Nothing but the papers I have written and books for finals I have to review for. But when I do get done what should I begin reading next!

| thesis, 25 page ethnography, a bonus 5 page paper, another 3 page paper, a investigative report and a 2 page paper. Do I need to explain how much I hate writing academic papers now? I am slowly going crazy but I finally finished all of those in a span of less than 2 weeks. I am finally a little relived and hope I can get back to my life and enjoy the little things again and not be so focused in school work.

L I S T E N I N G | to a variety of things. I have been listening to a lot of things to get me through this school work and sometimes I don’t listen to anything. But I a fond of Katy Perry’s new song Dark Horse on the radio in the car while heading to classes so I guess you can say I have been loving that because of it always on the radio as soon as I turn the car on.
W A T C H I N G | Pretty Little Liars. With everything going on I found an hour to watch the latest episode of #PLL and I have been loving it. I took a break in the first season because I hated not knowing who ‘A’ was and gave up on it but over my winter break I discovered it again and feel in love and binged on the 4 seasons and now I need to have my dose every week and have been so in love with everything about it.

| a lot! I think about everything and I have so many in my head that I think it will explode soon.

H O P I N G | that I do okay in the last final week of school and that I do well on my finals.

| of a relaxing Summer. Can I just go to the pool and sunbath all day and just enjoy the water.

W E A R I N G | my hair in a top knot and comfy clothes to get me through the days. No make up, no nail polish and no care right now

L O V I N G | noting right now. I wish I had something but I think I only love #PLL right no and it is getting me through the week so that kind of counts.

W A N T I N G | everything to be over. I want to be done with writing and studying and I want summer to be here so I can just do nothing and everything at once that i love and doesn’t force me to do stuff I don’t want to.

N E E D I N G | more time. I don’t have much time right now and the school year for y last year in college is coming so fast so I just need for the time to slow down and let me have peace.

F E E L I N G | sad. I have been really down lately and with all this school work it is making me very tired and just sad. I have so many emotions and I don’t want to sound depressed so I will leave it at that.

L O O K I N G |

forward to me making up my mind for the future!

C L I C K I N G | on I have been browsing their lovely beauty products that I’ve been lusting over when I have time. I also love the January Glamourbox I got.

So that is what has been my life lately and if you can see how much I am hating Microsoft Word right now you will be so surprised. My class have even started a hashtag saying #UninstallingMicrosoftWordtonight which I thought was hilarious and I agree a 100% but of course I’m not going to do it but I can tell how much I have been writing that my brain is giving up. This was a nice chance of writing something else and something that entertains me and if there is some grammatical errors well I am sorry but my brain is mush and I can hardly write anything anymore.

I am going to be slowly getting into blogging but I am giving my writing skills a break for a day or two but I am taking pictures and getting things organized and scheduled so I will probably be posting regularly in March but have a few with the remaining days in February. Thanks so much for understanding!

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