Sunday Summaries | January 26, 2014

Just when I made my goal for 2014 as to blog more I take a week long break maybe 2 weeks which is bad since I don’t even know when I last blogged. I really wanted to but I have been working non-stop with my thesis and I really need to finish it up so this break of mine has consisted me just writing and editing and formatting the rest of my thesis.

I never knew it would be so hard and I really am pushing myself to get it done so I can graduate. I have so much paper works and school stuff that is putting me off and I hate that I cannot focus on anything else. I usually find time to read blogs in the evening or catch up on youtube videos but this past week has drove me insane.

So, with all my hard work I am treating myself to a Sunday off and catching up on everything internet related for being so good this week. I took some blog pictures finally and now I am writing and scheduling a few posts this week. I am catching up on reading blogs but I’m kind of bummed I can’t comment as much right now. I watched a weeks worth of youtube videos and got all caught up on that.

I also did write a few chapters to a book I wanted to writ eand at least I am a little bit on track with ‘getting a book done by next year’ goal so I feel good that I am not just wasting my writing effort on something formal but also I am getting to express some creativity.

I salute those who are doing their thesis because I never knew this was going to be this hard. I finished the production side of this thesis and got them edited and looking nice and all I have to do is print the final ones I choose which I am pretty certain on at this point. I just have a few things left to writ and I left the most difficult part till the last minute so I am stressing on just that.

So far I am doing quite well and having a lovely Sunday. I am distressing and enjoying some time to myself. I hope I can get a few posts done and then I am back to work. If you are doing your thesis or dissertations now too I wish you luck and please let me know so we can encourage each other and relate to this.

What do you love doing on a Sunday off?

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