Glamourbox Unboxing | January 2014 Snoe Secial Edition

Today I wanted to do an unboxing and first impressions of the January Glamourbox here in the Philippines. They paired up with Snoe this month for a special edition box featuring a few of their products to try. Glamour Box usually has a variety of brands but this month they decided to start off the year with this brand to make it even more special. The box was P595 which included shipping and it arrived 2 weeks after I signed up.

I’ve always wanted to sign up for a beauty box subscription but never really knew they had one in my country. I’ve seen them when I lived in the US but never got around to signing up for one. I was really intrigued about finding out about Glamour Box last month. I was going to get the December box but with the holidays around the corner I decided to wait. After seeing so many bloggers open up their boxes every month in the US and Britain I really wanted to also so that was one of the reasons I signed up.

I got my Glamour Box last Friday and even though I got home around 10 PM from ballet class I immediately got my photo lights, my backdrop and my camera to take pictures. I was very excited and this being my first beauty box here I couldn’t wait until the next day. It got here in a carrier pouch and a cardboard box was inside holding the actually box. It was really secure and they took a lot of time packaging it. You couldn’t believe the smile I had on my face as soon as I got the knife out to cut it open. When I got it open it was really heavy which was a good sign that I got some great goodies inside. The white Glamour box was really nice and great for storing things. I am so excited to collect these!

Upon opening the lid the packaging was very neat and presentable. When you open the orange tissue the card introduces the brand and wishes you a Happy New Year and on the back were the information about what is inside. I was so thrilled at this point and gently ripped the sticker off and opened it to reveal the products. I actually looked in the box before reading the card to see what was inside and then I matched the products to the card and read a little about them. I knew I didn’t regret signing up because of such detail they put into the packaging and putting in so much effort to picking out products that girls would like.

I never thought I would have an opportunity to do this so I took so many pictures and not just because I was going to use them for my blog but also in remembrance for future memories. This was technically my first online purchase and I was proud and saved every detail. I know it is kind of lame but that is how much of a sentimental person I am.

Inside I noticed that the products I received were full size and I knew I got my moneys worth with the products. This month they partnered with Snoe a local beauty brand that I really wanted to try but never knew exactly what I wanted. This was a good way to try and see what I liked and then go to an outlet close to me to pick up some more.

My first impressions were they seemed really interesting and stuff I would actually like to try.It was a mix of hair care, bath and body and also makeup. It as a good mix and it would be great for me. The products all had different descriptions and uses and looked lovely for me.

HAIR HEROES – Agent Zero Cleansing Serum

Got sensitivities? Let Agent Zero save the day! Made with zero
fragrance, sulfates and silicones, this vegan hair and body cleanser
won’t irritate even the most delicate babies, kids, and adults.

Full size 250ml / P599

I love trying new hair products and since I am trying to get my hair healthy and find a hair routine I am in love with I was excited to get a full size of this. I love that this doubles as a body cleanser which is intriguing and great. It is vegan and no bad chemicals and since I have been reading up on those kinds of things I sounds lovely and wont be damaging eve more to my hair. 

BODY RITUAL RECIPES – Whipped Body Frosting Lotion in Honey Dew Melon Yogurt

If your skin’s feeling dehydrated, whip out this indulgent lotion for
an instant moisture fix. Infused with skin-protective Vitamin E, papaya
extracts, and SPF15, you’ll see, smell, and feel addicted to your
radiant skin!

Full size 150g / P249

This smells amazing and I couldn’t stop smelling it on my hands. The color is so pretty and it does smell like honey dew. I have been wanting to try new lotions and I love scented ones so this will be lovely to use. I am so excited to use it after showers and see the results if it does give moisture. I am also glad it has SPF in it so I don’t need to apply extra sunscreen for daily use since this has some in it.


Be the fairest of them all! Delight in the fresh, fruity smell of
carefully hand-selected fresh papaya fruits in this organic beauty bar.
It gently exfoliates skin to erase all signs of dark spots and

Full size 150g / P139

I haven’t used a beauty bar in forever and I usually just get body wash or a body cleanser. I know papaya is great to whiten skin and it is such a trend here to have papaya soap so I guess I should finally try one. It smells alright through the packaging and I hope it does do a little whiting but I don’t really need whiting since I already have a fair complexion anyways. I still will try it and test it out.

SNOE WHITE BEAUTY BAR – Lightening Licorice

Make your sensitive skin stand out! This special beauty bar with
licorice safely brightens and nourishes skin for a younger, silkier
complexion with a pinkish glow.

Full size 150g / P139

This one sounds more like me and I think it would be more suited with my skin. I am excited to try it out and see if it does what is promised in the description. I do like licorice and the packaging is so pretty but I might be biased since I like the color purple. 

FIZZY CLEAN – Foaming Hand Sanitizer in Lavender Brew

Hands feel clean, soft, and silky-smooth with this quirky alternative
to traditional hand sanitizers. Soft bursts of foam wash away dirt and
germs while leaving skin hydrated. Feel the fizz!

Full size 50ml / P179

This one sounds so intriguing and smells lovely. I have a few hand sanitizers but not like this one and it kind of makes it funner to use. I really want to try it and I love hand sanitizers that don’t leave me dry and just smell like alcohol so I hope this is a plus for me.

POUDRE EXTRAORDINAIRE – Face Powder in Perfect Beige

Armed with acai berry, the most nutritious fruit in the world, this
mineral powder is more than just makeup. It protects skin from free
radicals, and tightens and smoothens fine lines yet totally blends
naturally into the skin.

Full size 35g / P799

This is definitely something exciting to try and I love face powders and wear them more often so I hope this works perfectly and the shade matches me so it wont go to waste. This is the only sample size I think included in this months box and I think it is better to have a sample instead of not knowing if it works for your skin. I can’t wait to use this! 

BEDSIDE BESO BALM – Deep Moisturizing Lip Treatment in Pink Pout Pucker

Keep this on your bedside so you won’t forget to treat your puckers
while you sleep. A word of warning, though – it creates luscious pink
lips that may attract the opposite gender!

Full size 4g / P249

I love lip balms and lip treatments so when I saw this was included in the box I got so excited. I love lip balms and collect them so this would be perfect to add to my collection. I have never had one for night time use so this will definitely be apart of my nightly routine now.

Overall I think this month’s box was well worth the money and just with the Hair Hero’s Product you get your money. All the products were full size except one which is a great deal and some things I can actually use. I am so excited to try all of them out and maybe buy some of their products in the future. This was a great sampler to try out the brand and if you already love the products it is just a fun onus to get more out of your money. I recommend getting the Glamour Box if you want a monthly beauty box subscription here in the Philippines.

What do you love about a beauty subscription box?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  1. Emily Knott
    January 29, 2014 / 8:19 pm

    I love a good beauty box! Im subscribed to Glossybox and although I have really enjoyed some of the bits I receive Im still yet to receive a box where I love every single product!

  2. Helen G
    February 3, 2014 / 3:48 pm

    that looks like a lovely subscription box!from helen at thelovecatsinc.comps. there's a high-end skincare giveaway on my blog, click here!

  3. Adri A.
    February 4, 2014 / 6:55 am

    Looks like a great box!

  4. Rebecca
    February 5, 2014 / 7:25 pm

    You got loads in this box, it looks much better than the British ones I'm used to! xx Rebecca – UK Style Blog

  5. Francesca.
    February 8, 2014 / 10:01 pm

    Oh wow, this box looks like it had some gorgeous products in it – and the packaging etc looks incredible. I don't get a beauty subscription box anymore because I just couldn't justify the price, but I really miss it! xx

  6. Fragile Bird
    February 14, 2014 / 5:24 pm

    Wow, looks like there were some awesome products, some of which I really need to check out!!Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)Fragile Bird |

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