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Since reading a lot of bloggers New Years resolution is to lose weight or get fit I decided to do a fashion finds on workout attire. Personally I hate exercising and running so I didn’t add it to my list but instead of that my workout is I do ballet. I go to ballet 2-3 times a week for about 1 and a half hours and it really is a good workout and by the end I am seating and feel amazing. I wasnt the type to go to gyms or go for runs but dancing has always been an exercise for me. I usually wear a black leotard, pink tights, pink legwarmers with my ballet shoes and I put on an oversize sweater and comfy sweatpants over that when it is time to go home so my muscles can stay warm and remain felxiable. Now the attire I picked is for working out and not much for ballet but I think they could all work both ways.

There is kind of a neon theme but I am surprised a lot of items to chose from were neon colored so I guess that is quite popular and I think it is cute to have bright colors and maybe will encourage you to work harder. I’m not sure but the colors I found were amazing and absolutely bright. I also separated them in types so that it would be easier.

T O P S |

I’m more of a tank top person than a sport bra kind o girl but whatever your preference and most comfortable in is what you think is best. It depends but I sometimes like looser tank tops and on some days I prefer the tight ones that hug you nd show off the figure and look how colorful they are.

As for short sleeve shirts I find them what I wear more often even if I am not actually working out. I have so many colors and they re the best lounge wear. as for the sweatshirts I use to love to wear this in the winter time in Pe and even though I despised the subject I always had a pretty sweater to make up for it. I still wear these and throw thm on after ballet and they are super warm especially in the cold weather.

I think I practically like in my hoodie. I have a crown one, a heart one and another one with a abstract print. I usually wear them out in the rain but I hear they are great to wear to swat in. I’m not entierly sure but they have multipurpose so whatever you use it as is up to you.

B O T T O M S |

I’m not really comfortable in shorts to move around in. I sometimes wer them in ballet but i have tights on and they cover the leotard so it’s okay but to run in I was never really okay with it. As for these capri sweatpants I live in these while at home. I wear a pair everyday and have so many. They are so nice and I sometimes wear it to ballet, oout to get grocieries and small errands around town. They arent exactly pjmas so it is knd of okay to go out with them.

These sweat pants are longer and some re just like leggings. I have the one that flare and where those whn it is super cold to and from ballet and again sometimes out. I used to use leggings in my college PE class and they worked just the same and were easier to move in. I’ve always wanted a tracksuit for some reason and the pants with it are always so comfortable. I used to wear them all the time when I was a little girl.

A C C E S S O R I E S |

Shoes are basically the most important part of the outfit and you need proper shoes. I don’t own a proper pair anymore but if I find the right ones I will surly get them and maybe try yoga or aerobics instead of a gym. I love that they are colorful and look pretty.

My most favorite accessory is the gym bag. I love having mine and think they are so cute and make up the look of it. I love the ink ones and they are so cute but the silver and white one is fun for a more tone down look.

Those are my picks for a workout outfit. I tried to incorporate basics and add personal touches of mine. if you are trying to be more active this year I wish you luck and achieve your goal. Mine is to keep up ballet so that will be my fitness for the year. Tell me what you are doing and share your experience and what you love to wear.

What do you wear when you workout?

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  1. Stephanie Medeiros
    January 6, 2014 / 11:33 pm

    I love work-out t-shirts and tank tops–always so comfy!

    • Jackie
      January 13, 2014 / 10:23 am

      They are so comfy and the best thing to wear on lazy days.

  2. Linderella
    January 7, 2014 / 5:54 pm

    The 4th pair of trainers looks really nice. If I still had a gym membership, I'd probably snap those up in an instant

    • Jackie
      January 13, 2014 / 10:24 am

      I know I love the colors they come in now instead of just white and black.

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