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I always have something on my beauty wish list and for today I thought I would share what beauty items I am lusting over and in dire need of having. These are just a few of my endless list of wants and thought it might interest you.

Claire’s Nail Art Kits | I went into Claire’s and fell in love with these nail art kits but couldn’t seem to buy any because I didn’t have a need for them and plus I they had some childish designs but the ones on the site are quite pretty and if they have had more I would totally pick up a set.

EOS Lip Balms | I still can’t find any here where I live so it is kind of depressing but until now I still want to try one of these and it would be so cool to finally get my hands on one.

Maybelline BB Cream | These BB creams have been so popular and I really want to find one and try it. The reviews I read are quite decent so I thought I would get one for myself to try out.

ELF HD Blush & Stippling Brush | I’ve always wanted to try a cream blush and thought this one was nice quality and at a cheap price plus Elf is becoming one of my favorites. I also bought a new foundation and wanted a nice stippling brush to apply it.

Taylor Swift Enchanted Perfume | I really want this and the first one! I really the scent but can’t seem to get my hands on it. I would love it though.

Vera Wang Pink Princess | I love all Vera Wang’s scents but this one sounds perfect for me because it is so cutesy and floral and is just me in general.

Viva La Juicy Le Fleur | This one is a dream perfume to and I just love these kinds of scents. I went a little over board on the perfumes but I’ve been really liking them and really one to start up my collection again and add some perfumes I will actually wear.

Bath & Body Works Set | I love these holiday sets and the smell is amazing and it would also make a great gift too.

These are a few of my beauty bits that I am setting my eye on. If I had an unlimited budget on beauty items I would love to and just go crazy on perfumes and some makeup and skincare items but we can only wish for that. I hope you are enjoying Blogmas so far and are catching up on my updates with my blog relaunch!

What beauty item have you been eying lately?

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  1. Hannah
    December 11, 2013 / 12:14 pm

    I love that perfume, i wear it everyday, it smells amazing! EOS Lip balms are my favourites!Hannah Heartss xxx

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