Top 5 Tips for Curly Hair

Recently I’ve been having great hair days and I thought about what I was doing to my hair to make it this nice and I discovered I found some tips and tricks that have worked with my hair. I have long curly/wavy hair and sometimes it is easy to manage and sometimes it is a pain.  My hair care routine is not very consistent yet to do a post on but when it is I will definitely share.

01 | Shampoo & Condition Hair Twice
I think this is kind of obvious since it says it on the back of you shampoo but I found out it actually made my hair less frizzy. I used Herbal Essence None of your Friziness when I discovered this and the next day my hair was slick back and fairly straight which was really surprising to me. It also made my hair cleaner and so probably it was liking that too.

02 | Tying Hair in Bun Overnight
I sleep with my hairon top of my hair at night and in the morning it has so much volume and the curls from the day before are still intact which saves me time in the morning and I can sleep in a little. Plus sometimes it looks cute itself so it cn be a hairstyle for the next day.

03 | DIY Hair Masks
 I make my own hair masks and use honey and coconut and egg whites. I just created it myself and I leave it on for about 30 minutes. They work nicely and leaves my hair nice and shiny which is perfect and makes it look healthy and not dry like it usually is. I do sometimes buy ones from the store and use those every month.

04 | Air Drying is Your Friend
When I leave my hair down after I shower it dries real quick and the is less frizzy than me blow drying it. But I sometimes tie it up into a tight bun and then letting it dry like that for the entire day and it gives my hair natural waves that actually look good for once and don’t take much effort at all.

05 | Give Your Hair a Break
I haven’t been doing much to my hair recently so it has helped it tremendously. I can feel it restoring itself and it isn’t as dry as it used to be. All I have to do is keep up with taking better care of my hair and that’s what it needs. A little TLC couldn’t help a little more now and then!

Those are some hair tips I follow and have made my hair somewhat maintainable these days.They are just my tips for myself but I thought I would share and it might help someone with really dry and curly hair out.

What are some of your tips you follow for your hair type?

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