The Relaunch of FashionxFairytale and Blogmas

Happy December 1st! And I have exciting news…

fashionxfairytale is coming back new and improved!The relaunch will be occurring all throughout this month as I rechange my layout, get a domain name, and many more exciting things to get myself blogging again. And one of the things to celebrate the relaunch is I am doing Blogmas! This is so exciting for me and it feels good getting everything back together again.

The reasons for my absent are I am currently working on my thesis and that takes a lot of time and effort plus I am graduating in March of 2014 so everything has piled up and become very overwhelming for me. After that though I have a few options what my next chapter in life will be so that is another exciting thing I’m looking forward to! So right now I am just focused on slowly rebuilding my blog and doing uni work.

But through all this I have a few blog post saved up until I go on Christmas break! I had a few days off last week to get everything ready for December. I took a lot of blog posts and actually have all the pictures edited but I’m still writing the posts in between my thesis writing (which is a nice distraction) so I have to finalize everything but I am getting there.

Please excuse everything as I am still getting everything sorted. I am transferring over to my own domain name soon and I am tweaking my layout so things on my blog will be a little messy. At least when it is all over it will be worth it but please bear with me through these exciting changes. I will have blog posts up that will update you on the changes and a big post at the end of the month relaunching fashionxfairytale!

I hope you are as excited as me and see you tomorrow with another post and everyday after that this month. I’m really happy and excited and I hope all of you are too!

Happy Blogmas!


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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