Sunday Summaries | December 22, 2013

This week I didn’t do much but finish the last few days of school and go watch a ballet for my thesis. The one exciting thing this week that I was waiting for was my cousin’s baby to have his baptism. That was by far the highlight of my week and it was a lovely day full of family, eating and a good time. I will maybe do next Sunday’s post on this as I just got home and it is really late. I’m also quite tired but I did upload the pictures of the day on to my laptop but I didn’t want to post any without their permission so I will do a little recap next week. I still wanted to add a picture and luckily I snapped this. Doesn’t those cakes look yummy and we got to sprinkle the sprinkles on it! Other than that I had a lovely time and everything was perfect!

 This week was far more better than lasts and to end it was even better! And can you believe Christmas is only 3 days away! I am extremely excited for it and I know everyone else is too!

What made your week?

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