Sunday Summaries | December 15, 2013

This week has been good and bad for me. It started out with having a family outing up at our vacation house to check out our pineapple plantation and to test my dad’s new motorcycle and to put some miles on it. The original plan was that my dad, my cousin and I would drive our motorcycles up the mountain and to have a picnic up there but one of my uncles got an allergic reaction so we were down a few people and since I didn’t need my motorcycle I would take the car with the rest and my dad and cousin still took theirs. We met up at this place half way to our property and took some pictures. It was a very fun day and we took so many pictures and I got a few done for the blog thanks to my dad but on the way home my dad crashed his motorcycle and had to be taken to the hospital. He is fine now but I had to spend 2 days at the hospital with him since my mom is deathly afraid of hospitals. He broke his collar bone and a few ribs but he is doing so much better now. This is why my blog posts have been so crazy because I thought they were publishing at the hospital but they actually weren’t so I had to fix that and I think it is done now. At first I didn’t want to share this but after a week and him improving greatly I decided it was fine to get it out there so I don’t hold it up inside.

Other than that, my week has been uneventful. I’m still doing the endless amounts of papers for class and I’ve been having a relaxing Sunday doing everything blog related so I can focus on my last few days before Christmas break.

Updates with fashionxfairytale blog:
Do you check out my new giveaway series!? I started 12 Days of Christmas Gifts yesterday and I’m giving away a prize everyday until Christmas to give back to my blog readers for sticking by me even though I haven’t been a good blogger this week. The prizes include China Glaze, Lush, EOS, Nyx and Benefit and many more different brands! I also have a big one coming on Christmas day so stay tuned for that!

Hope you enjoy the giveaway and have an amazing week ahead!

What did you do that was exciting this week?

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