My Favorite Christmas Films

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas films! I love watching Christmas movies and I remember watching them with my dd at night after dinner. It was always a fun tradition and we still do it sometimes too. I have a few favorites that are not too old and of course I love the classic ones but first I’ll start with the ones I used to watch when I was a little girl.

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reigndeer
It is one of my all time favorites and I love the song too! I don’t know why I love this movie so much but every time it came on TV I would get all giddy and just sit down to watch it. It’s funny and sweet and such a nice childhood movie and I can always remember asking my grandma if she ever got run over but she said she never did.

Ernest Saves Christmas 
I have fond memories of watching this with my dad during Christmas time. I always remember him and I laughing at Ernest and his crazy stunts. Each house I grew up in I remember watching this with him around this time of year and it always makes me happy that I a still doing it now and I ca have these memories. It is such a funny Christmas movie and is so much fun to watch.

The Ultimate Christmas Present
I grew up in southern California so I knew what it was like not to experience snow. I always wanted snow and this movie was what I always wanted! I loved this movie so much and watching the old Disney Channel Original movies always brings back good memories. I do wish their was a machine like that to control the weather though!

Mickey Mouse Once upon A Christmas & Twice Upon Christmas
I love watching these every year with my 3 year old niece since she loves Mickey Mouse and I always did too. It is just a fun Christmas special that every kid loves and I have to watch it whenever it is on Disney channel.

Now for the latest releases Christmas movies, I don’t have a lot and they are all mostly dog ones but I thought I would share anyways because they are still some pretty good movies and make me happy to watch over and over again!

A Princess for Christmas
This has become my favorite Christmas movie of newer films. I love the storytelling and I love fairytales and princesses so why wouldn’t I love this one! It is just a nice movie and I think it is different and has everything I can ask for!

Santa Buddies 
I love these Buddy movies. I’ve always enjoyed watching all of them and having a Christmas one makes it even better. The story is so cute and makes me love dogs even more and get another one.

Search For Santa Paws & Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups
If you couldn’t tell before I love these Christmas dog movies that make you feel all gooey and mushy inside. I love happy dog movies in general and ones like this will always be watched by me and always loved.

Deck the Halls
I just recently watched this and thought it was the funniest thing. My dad and I watched it together and we loved it and it reminded us of Ernest a little so it is just a crazy comedy movie that is fun for the holidays.

Those were my favorite Christmas movies. I really love staying at home watching a Christmas movie with my dad and I just thought I would share what my favorites are and maybe they are yours too. I hope you get to watch more before Christmas!

What Christmas movie do you watch every year?

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