How I Style My Hair Everyday

For today I wanted to tell you how I style my hair on a daily basis. I usually do the simple half up/half down look and then curl the ends of my hair. It is really easy and only takes me a few minutes before I go out because I already have very curly hair.

I style my hair like this mostly everyday unless I get lazy and put it up in a high ponytail. I love the half up/half down hairstyle and I usually put a bow in to hold it in place. If you knew me in person than you would know I wear a bow on an everyday basis. I always have since I was little and I guess now it is just out of habit. I also just use it to hold everything in place because of the thickness and length of it sometimes it doesn’t like to stay down. So it isn’t because of an accessory its because it actually helps my hair out.

I have naturally curly hair that actually creates springs when it is on its good day but most of the time I use a 1″ curling iron I got from Conair about 6 years ago and it has lasted me well. Usually I just wrap my hair around the barrel but throughout the day my hair has a mind of its own and then spins together to create these Shirley Temple curls and even if I comb through it I can’t stop it from doing that. I do like it but I think I need a new curling iron or curling wand.

The products I use to achieve this is my Suave Maximum Hold Mousse and some bobby pins. I don’t really like using a lot of product on my hair because it makes it very sticky and hard. I do use a dry shampoo to help style it but I usually just use some mousse and heat protector before I curl my hair.

I do wish I could have longer hair sometimes so check out their website I quickly fell in love with their products. They have different textures, styles like human hair and they are affordable. I would love a pair of hair extensions for Christmas and it has always been on my wish list to get some good and nice quality ones.

My hairstyles are very simple and I try not to experiment but maybe with hair extensions I could try something different and be more creative but sometimes it is just so hard with my hair type. But I do love watching hair tutorials on youtube but half of them don’t work when I do it so I just end up admiring it because I have no choice. If you have any tips on how I can style my hair type I would love some advice.

To find out more you can visit their website and check out more about their lovely clip in hair extensions and other products. I would love to grab me a pair and since they have so many different styles and colors it will be hard for me to choose.

As you can see it was very windy that day but I love the effect it had on my hair. If you want to know where I took these pictures I wrote about it in my Sunday Summary and yes those are pineapples in the picture.

How do you style your hair everyday?

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  1. Kelsey Lenay
    December 19, 2013 / 4:16 am

    Love your hair! Xo, Kelsey

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