Friday Favorites | Holiday Edition

Favorite Nail Polish Color | China Glaze – Twinkle Lights
As always I’ve said this before but who cannot love this color for Christmas. It hs red, green nd gold fine glitter in it and when you put it on it just screams Christmas so it will always be a favorite of mine.I also used it for a few nail tutorials which you can check out on my blog if you’d like.

Favorite Drink | Hot Chocolate
I love hot chocolate and it is my favorite winter beverage. I love the sweetness and hat you can make it with anything. I just made some with Nutella and I think I fell in love with creamy and loveliness of it.

Favorite Clothing Item | Heart Print Cardigan
Ever since I bought it, I love wearing it on cold days and it is just the right thickness to be warm but also be a light cardigan so it is very versatile and nice to have. I kind of want to get another one again!

Favorite Accessory | Red Hair Bow
I always have bows in my hair and since it is almost Chrsitmas I am wearing my red one to show off my festive spirit. I have a few red ones and i just got a pretty sequin one so that would be nice and festive to have on Christmas day.

Favorite Scent | Christmas Cookies
The smell of cookies baking on Christmas is the best smell. I just miss how we would bake Christmas cookies and the smell would last all day. I love cookies and always believed that Santa would eat them. I also found a lovely sample perfume that smells just like vanilla cookies.

Favorite Song | Leighton Meester – Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)
I love this song and will blast it in my room all day if I could. I do love Christmas music way too much and I have a few favorites but right now I love this one. Leighton’s voice is so different from her talking voice to me but either way it sounds lovely.

Those were y holiday favorites and I want to know what you’ve been loving while its getting closer to Christmas. I hope you come back tomorrow for a special surprise!

What is your favorite holiday drink?

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