Bargain Nail Polish Haul

I picked up some nail polishes that were less than 99c at this cute little boutique that is close to my house. I originally just needed nail polish remover because I was trying to make that DIY Nail Polish Jar. I spotted this pretty polish that reminded me of Snow Globe from China Glaze which I lost so I thought it would be perfect dupe and lovely for nail art this time of year. After I saw that one I kept looking to find some more lovely shades from the brand OMG. I’ve never heard of it or seen it but they had some good colors and I was in the store with my aunt trying to choose but I ended up buying all the ones I loved.

| L-R: Disco Ball & Strobe |

I picked up Strobe first as I said and thought it was a pretty with flakes polish that had metallic sprinkles in it. Disco ball is a pretty pink and green polish with small and large glitter pieces in it. I am starting to love these glitter top coats and really want to pick up more of them. I’m too excited to discover how many ways I can try this and pair with it.

| L-R: Emerald & Citrine | 

These reminded me of Christmas and I could pass them both up because they were perfect for the season.
In a few days after a formal party I attend I am painting my nails with this. I love the fine silver glitter in it and the texture seems pretty good. I hope they are opaque and I don’t have to use a base color to achieve the prettiness. I was hoping the names would be more festive than they actually are though.

| L-R: Prom Queen, Gossip & First Date |

I know these polishes are pastel and are probably for Springtime I couldn’t resist plus Gossip and First Date were perfect to match Disco Light. I can’t wait to pair them together and see the results. I am starting to love the lighter colors and I hope these are opaque and I don’t need to pile on the layers but I shouldn’t expect because they were so cheap. I do hope that they turn out great since they are so pretty.

| Nail Decals, Bobbie Kaleidoscope Nail Polish in Fuchsia & Bobbie Cocktail Hour Gradient Kit |

I got these in a different store. I It was actually a book store and the gradient kit was from a grocery store. Funny where you can find nail stuff these days. I thought these were a cute nail design and I tried another design for my photoshoot and they were lovely so I picked up another. I always wanted a color changing nail polish and I saw this in various colors and since I thought I didn’t have enough pink polishes (sarcastic much!) I would get this one. I really want to try this and see if it actually changes colors. It was the most expensive out of all the polishes I bought even more expensive than the gradient kit but I’m kind of exaggerating because it was only $2.The gradient kit as something I wanted to try and I really love the ombre trend so I thought this it would be easier for me to use. I can’t wait to review this.

I love that they actually had names because that is half the fun to a nail polish. Some cheap polishes I have bought don’t come with names ad it is difficult to identify. I think I appreciate it more when it does have a name and that makes me want to get it even more.

Even for a bargain they were good polishes and some good color choices. When I use one I will definitely do a post about the quality. I hope you enjoyed my bargain haul and liked the colors because I sure did.

What bargain nail polish have you loved?

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  1. Ellie Fleet
    January 10, 2014 / 9:11 pm

    Great postpainting your nails is so relaxing.Ellie,xxElephant stories and more

  2. Lucy Marie
    January 19, 2014 / 6:15 pm

    Never heard of this brand but love the packaging!

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