What’s new with fashionxfairytale?

If you haven’t noticed I changed a few things on fashionxfairytale and I wanted to let you know. I didnt make drastic changes but there are some stuff I added. Most of the changes I did were tweaking my layout, changing my sidebar and updating my pages.

01 | I changed my blog buttons!
I really wanted to change them and I finally found some cute ones in pretty colors. I have the basics like twitter, facebook, bloglovin’, tumblr, pinterest and instagram. These are the sites I use the most so if you would like to follow any of them, they are in my sidebar.


02 | I added my pages again! I had them before but I took them off since they were so outdated and I just had the chance to update them and make them better. In my sidebar is where you can find them. The different pages are contact/pr, advertise, blog roll and disclaimer. My contact page is all updated and has everything I am on to follow me on. Please give it a browse and follow me on different platforms. I also added some details about PR and brands approaching me. I have been getting some emails and I thought I would add a section where you can see some stats and if you are interested in getting in contact with me. On my advertising page, I finally offer advertising on my blog. I still offer blog ad swaps too. I have a blog roll now because I really wanted to put my blog buttons I have swapped with but my sidebar has been getting full which is good but I wanted my layout to be neater and so I made a page just for that. I wanted to add a disclaimer to my blog ever since I began but I just never did. Now I have one and I think it is very simple to understand. It is basic but I am happy I got one up finally.

03 | My layout is tweaked a little but not very noticeable. I like it and I don’t have the time to actually change it plus it is fine and I am content with it right now. I also changed my post footer and my signature. It is more simple and it isn’t so cluttered like before.

I just wanted to share the new things on fashionxfairytale. I changed and updated some links and everything is up to date by now so I hope you like the changes!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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