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I got this pretty cardigan for Christmas and I cannot stop wearing it! I am obsessed with heart prints and since Valentines is coming up I thought I would share it in a fashion finds post. The cardigan is from Forever21 and I think it was 22.99. I don’t really know how much my dad paid but that’s what it said on the website.

It is so soft and warm even if its light material. The weather where I live isn’t really cold and never gets cold enough to wear thick sweaters so this is perfect for the cooler days and when i am in a lecture hall all day with the air condition on full blast. I really love this cardigan and if the had more variations I would go out and get another one. I like the buttons are on the bottom and it creates a v-neck sort of shape which shows of the outfit I’m wearing but I also like wearing it open too because it sways with me. The sleeves are long enough to cover my hands but they are not that long that it gets in my way. It’s nice that it makes my hands warm too and it doesn’t feel like I can’t move in them or I could get them in my food or whatever I’m doing.

I’m glad I got this one because I have been searching for the perfect cardigan and this is definitely it for me. I’ll have an outfit post with it soon but since i haven’t worn it with anything but a uniform I can’t really take a picture with it.

I hope you like my cardigan as much as me and I hope I have some more Valentines Day posts coming up this week!

What is your perfect cardigan?



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  1. BreezeyBee
    February 13, 2013 / 1:04 pm

    its so cute! i love that its printed on the inside too, id be the loser who wore it inside out heheBreezeyBee BlogxoXo

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