What’s in my Bag?

I really wanted to do this post and I am surprised I never did one sooner. I know most bloggers have done this and have updated ones but I never seem to have gotten one up because I never liked my bag all that much. But this bag is my favorite so I had to do a post about it!

So this is what I carry around in my bag!

01 | makeup bag
I usually take my makeup bag with me to touch up and whats in it i use pretty much everyday. I have a post coming up on this so you can see what is in it then. This bag was technically a pencil case but i converted it into a perfect and compact makeup bag. 

02 | my wallet
I love small wallets because it is light and I don’t have to carry around a huge wallet with me. It is big enough to hold my cards but not too big to be obnoxious. I love the print and i don’t carry so much cash with me so it is perfect.

03 | 2013 diary
I got this as a birthday present last year and now that its a new year I decided to use it. This one can be used anytime but i wanted to wait and use it throughout the whole year. The pages are so cute and it is very accessible and convenient for me. I still write a few things down but i do also use my phone to help me remember things.

04 | iPhone & earphones
My phone goes with me pretty much everywhere and since I lost my ipod I have to use my phone to listen to music on the go. I have so many headphones so I keep spare ones in my bag because it is always handy and I’m always in a situation where i want to listen to music so I keep it with me.
05 | pretty pen

06 | current book
I usually take the current book I am reading with me. Right now is this fun book i picked up at a small book sale at my local mall. I haven’t actually started reading it yet but I plan on doing some book reviews and hauls on my blog soon. I am still debating whether i want a kindle yet but i might just get an ipad pretty soon so I am still trying to decide.

07 | my usb
I need this for my classes and i tend to only use it for class so it is always in my bag. It is so tiny so I added a little necklace thing to prevent me from losing it and since i have more than one i am lucky that i haven’t lost any of them with the necklace trick. It is really handy and i tend to find it easily with the strap on it.

I have more in this sometimes when i go to my college classes but other than that this is the basics i keep in my bag. Its not quite exciting but I hate having to lug around so much stuff. I’m also glad i don’t have an oversize bag because i tend to put everything into it.

What is in your bag?




  1. Benlovesting
    January 21, 2013 / 3:38 pm

    I always enjoy what's in my bag post!

  2. charlotte
    January 28, 2013 / 1:07 pm

    aw this is such a cute post! my bag has so much crap in it, but yours is lovely! x

  3. BreezeyBee
    January 28, 2013 / 2:32 pm

    love your blog!im your newest follower!i love your diary, its so cute. i need one for this yearand your little purse.. awww adorbsxoXoBreezeyBee Blog

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