Sunday Summaries | January 6, 2013

| sunset before New Years | party with my family | 2 hours before midnight! |

| firework set off | sparkler! | fountain of fireworks |

| more fireworks | Happy New Year! | the feast at midnight |

Welcome to sunday summaries New Year Edition! I also can’t believe this is my first sunday summaries of 2013! I hope everyone is having a lovely January so far like I am.

01 | My family celebrated New Years Eve on our balcony with pretty lights and a sound system! We always go big for New Years so I wasn’t surprised my cousins set up the sound system up there. I was the deejay for a short while and I had so much fun doing it. The first picture is the view we got just before the sun set on NYE! The second is a picture of half the sound system and some Christmas lights that added to the party vibe upstairs. And I set up a countdown this year because i usually never countdown to 12 but this year I decided I would and it was so fun doing so!

02 | Every year my cousins love to set off fireworks so I decided that I would take some pictures but I didn’t know one of them was going to go off and it was maybe only 2 feet where I was standing. It was a little scary but I got amazing pictures. I did stand a few feet away the next time they set them off though. I love sparklers so I went through so many of these. I didn’t get a picture with one of them because it was so dark but you can see my hand. I think the fountain is one of my favorite firework because it just sparkles. It doesn’t blow up or anything and if you see them in person they are the most prettiest things to watch.

03 | With only 30 minutes left till 12 they were so many fireworks going off around us and it was so fun to watch. My whole family came upstairs and we welcomed the new year and celebrated together. It was so loud outside with the fireworks and the horns and there were just so much commotion around. If you know anyone who is Filipino then you would know they love making food for occasions. My family made tons of food and we ate probably at 12:30 when the fireworks died down a little. We don’t really celebrate Christmas like we do New Years. It’s strange but with my Dad’s side we celebrate Christmas more. I made lasagna and deviled eggs and my mom made her special lumpia which is a Filipino egg roll which a re so good. After that we just hung upstairs me and my cousins and had some champagne and danced most of the night and enjoyed the fireworks and the music.

What did you do for NYE?



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