Sunday Summaries | January 27, 2013

| a cup of tea | new iphone case | nail polish choices
| an even milestone | did my nails | a Hershey chocolate bar |
| uploading blog photos | favorite bow | swatches |

01 | I had a long weekend this week! I got to stay home from Friday to Monday and only had 3 days of classes which was so relaxing. There was a festival on the campus and I didn’t go to some of the activities so I just stay home and snuggled with my bed and blankets. I have been drinking more tea and coffee lately and i like it since the weather has been very cold and it warms me up. My cousin’s girlfriend got me this lovely Hello Kitty case the other day as a late Christmas present. She just got a new job at a cute boutique so she got me this cause she knew that i love Hello Kitty and now I have 2 Hello Kitty cases to put on my iphone. I really wanted to change my nail polish since i haven’t done my nails since Christmas so I pulled out some of my favorite colors to chose from.

02 | I can’t believe I got to see this. I have never seen the numbers of the speedometer the same so i had to document the moment. I don’t know why i was so happy but the smallest things brighten my day. I finally was bored enough over my long weekend and did my nails. I went with tips because my bottom half of the nails looked so clean and shiny so I thought it was perfect to do a colored french manicure and i had to add some sparkle. I will have the blog post up on it tomorrow. When i did go back to class i had to complete a perfume survey and smell I think 10 perfumes for a marketing company. I enjoyed it and got to try out new perfumes hat will be on the market soon. Since we were students we couldn’t get paid so the marketing and advertising agency gave the whole class a big Hershey chocolate bar for our time. I thought it was a good idea to market products and since our class was public relations we got a few ideas for our project.

03 | I took a few blog photos for the week so since i have free time I upload them instead of waiting and become lazy. I have been using this camera because my dslr memory is lost at the moment so I need to find it or buy a new one but i do need a lot of memory for my class and personal use. My favorite bow at the moment is this pretty mint colored one I got for Christmas at forever21. I wear it practically everyday and I love the size and everything about it. It is so pretty and I love doing my hear around it. I went to the drug store to pick up some medicine but I couldn’t resist to go buy the makeup section and swatch the new lipsticks they had on sale. The shades were pretty and I might pick up the dusty rose one to treat myself for doing good in university.

Also I noticed I have gained so many new followers so I want to say welcome to my little blog. I have schedule a post everyday this week so I hope everyone enjoys it.

What was the happiest thing you did this week?




  1. Sophie
    January 28, 2013 / 5:09 pm

    Beautiful pictures! I love the nails here! xxx

  2. Maria Sself
    February 21, 2013 / 10:33 am

    Jackie, your cousin has the BEST girlfriend, like seriously? My cousins' girlfriends/ boyfriends never got me anything, let alone such an adorable phone case!!! Jealous:-(

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