Favorite Blog Posts of 2012

Here is a roundup of the post I enjoyed in 2012!

I did a few outfit posts, reviews and some nail art posts!

The outfit of the day ones were a little difficult for me to shoot since I wear a uniform to school and when I do wear something different I don’t really put too much effort. I really wish this year I can do more outfit posts because I love fashion and think it is so much fun to have fun with style and everything.

My favorite posts would have to be when I do nail art and do my nails! I love painting my nails and trying out different designs. I didn’t do very many this year but I hope that changes and i could do a roundup next year of nail art posts I did.

I did a few reviews and I did a few favorites post which were all so fun to write. I love writing down what I think of products and how it can affect my readers. I always gave my honest opinion and revealed my true thoughts of the products I used this past year.

I did some other posts like my fashion finds, friday favorites, sunday summaries and wish lists. I really love making those kind of posts and I love sharing them with you. I don’t have many series on my blog but those are the ones I have and enjoy writing very much!

And I just want to say thank you to those who read and comment on my blog! It means the world to me and I enjoy blogging and without you I wouldn’t really be that inspired to write this blog. I hope I have another amazing year and do more blogging and keep on growing! I hope I get to do another one of these next year and I hope I have a difficult time choosing what blog post I want to include because I hope there are plenty!

What is your favorite post in 2012?



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