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I forgot to add this to my Christmas wish list and I only wanted hot rollers but I decided just to make a whole wish list out of all the hair tools I want.

01 | Conair
Xtreme Instant Heat Multi sized Hot Rollers
I’ve been using my foam rollers a lot and they take so long now to curl my hair and if I don’t take time to curl each one with mousse and comb it out good then all my pretty curls will limp and become straight and wavy.They still work good but it takes me so much effort and time just to loose my curls in an hour or more. So, I figured with hot rollers they will last longer and I wont have to leave them in half as long as my foam rollers and I can’t use foam when my hair is wet because it takes hours to dry. I choose these multi-sized ones because I wanted a variety and plus I think the pink ones were cute.

02 | Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic
Curling Wand
I have wanted a curling wand for a while now so I added it to my wish list. I really wanted to try one out and to get different style curls because I have been loving my hair to be curly and down recently. I have heard some good things about this curling wand and I love that it is pink. I don’t know if i want this one though or the bigger one but i bet they both make pretty curls. 

03 | Conair
Pro 1-1/2″ Curling Iron
I have this curling wand already but in a different size. I really love mine and I have had mine for 6 or 7 years now and it hasn’t broke yet. I kind of want a huge barrel one because I want big and voluminous curls. And plus I think it is way easier and very fast to do in the mornings. This has been on my wish list in my head for a while so I hope I can get it one of these days and try and experiment with it.

What hot tools do you want or use?



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