What’s in my Clutch?

I’m so excited to finally do my first What’s in my Series! I really wanted to do a what’s in my bag kind of post but since I am heading to a fancy Christmas party I wanted to show what is in my clutch! I thought you could use it as a small guide for when you are going out and since it is the perfect season to do one I wanted to show what I am taking with me.

I didn’t want to put a lot in my clutch because I get lazy and even though the clutch I picked is very spacious and fit a lot I kept it to the minimum because it is going to be a fun dance and formal party. I just have the essentials that I really need and want but you can add more and put more makeup and such in!

The two categories I have are makeup and basic essentials. I just brought some makeup for some touch ups and not really a lot of extra stuff to keep it light.

01 | Maybelline Pressed Powder Compact
I like to touch up my powder when I am that type of party and I love my Maybelline compact and plus it has a large enough mirror to apply my basic makeup for touch ups and so I don’t have to go to the bathroom every hour to redo my makeup.

02 | Powder Brush
I decided since I do have a big enough clutch I would take my big and fluffy powder brush. It is very handy and I like how it applies the powder instead of the standard sponge applicator the compacts come with.

03 | Mascara
I like to have big and full eyelashes mostly throughout the night so I touch up on it and I love having my eyelashes nice and big because my night isn’t complete without them. I didn’t want to bring eyeliner but I might with me just in case.

04 | Lip Products
I brought a lip balm and the lipstick I would be wearing for that night. This one was a bright red and looks very festive and pretty. The Maybelline Baby Lips are a nice touch up before I apply my lipstick and I have tried it and it makes it very pigmented and even.

05 | Oil Control Sheets
I have really oily skin and this does wonders for me especially when I’m dancing. I apply the powder after it and it will make my face so much better and I can go on and enjoy myself without worrying about so much oiliness on my face.

06 | Wallet
I always bring some money with me because I don’t know when I’ll need it. I like my wallet because it holds enough money and it is small but not so small where you cant put money in to it. I got it as a gift and thought it would be perfect and it wouldn’t over crowd my clutch.

07 | A Phone
I brought my iphone with me because it is a all in one for me and I love taking pictures with it and i bring it just in case there is an emergency and I need to use it. It is also a good way to get rid of boredom while I wait.

I hope you enjoy my first what’s in series! I plan to get some more up because I love reading about this type of posts and its really neat to find out about what others carrying around in their bags/clutch!

What do you carry in your clutch?



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