Sunday Summaries | December 9, 2012

| Countdown to Christmas | Festive Christmas Lights | 

| Set up my Christmas Tree | My Doggy all Snuggled Up |

01 | I didn’t do much again this week! Its going to be my last week of classes before I am off so I am so ready for that. I have been trying to get in the Christmas spirit and I have been trying my best to decorate and do things to get me happy about the holidays.

02 | I was bored and I had a day off and i was tired of the computer and my phone so I decided to make my own countdown to Christmas calendar thing. I made it all out of paper and it was a fun task and it got me out of my boredom. My parents just set up their Christmas lights and it looks so cute and festive but the neighbors aren’t really in the Christmas spirit so we are the only ones on the block who have lights and decor. I put up my mini Christmas tree beside my bed and it lights up and has cute little ornaments on it. I put it besides the countdown calendar and a present i bought and wrapped myself. And my doggy was all cuddled in my bed when i got home the other night and i thought i would snap a picture of her cuteness!

What are you doing to get into the Christmas spirit?



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