Sunday Summaries | December 23, 2012

Like the picture says, I am in my bed and still in my pajamas writing this post. I haven’t done much and all I have done this week was stay in my room in my cozy pajamas while I sip coffee of tea.

I have started watching new TV shows and the one I have been watching this week is The Big Bang Theory. It is a fun show and very funny. I know what I am missing now and I can finally relate to my guy friends. And also my professor in photography recommend it to us and he reminds me of Leonard and looks just like him I mean everything about him which is weird but he is the nicest and finest teacher I’ve had. Everything about the show is so funny and I can’t wait to finish the 3rd season.

Another thing I have been doing this week besides sleeping, eating and watching TV in bed is I’ve been putting some final arrangements for my plans on Christmas. I know I am going with my family but my parents want to go somewhere and we haven’t made up our mind and we are all arguing and don’t know what to do but I think the final plans are going to be spontaneous.

I have had the most boring and unproductive week but next week is Christmas and I hope I enjoy my time with family and stuff. I also will have to start doing some assignments and my goal is to finish them all before the New Year which I got accomplished last year and I hope I can do it again this time so I can focus on the holiday because it is a big holiday for my family and we celebrate it to the fullest.

*credit (weheartit)

What do you do on a lazy day?



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