Sunday Summaries | December 2, 2012

| watching Santa Paws 2 | downloaded Taylor Swifts – Red | early present from my Aunt | 

| such a beautiful day | homemade cookies | polka dot nails | 

| giant pineapple! | what i want for Christmas | Christmas decorations everywhere |

Happy December everyone!

01 | I have had an okay week so that is good for me. I haven’t done much but i have been keeping busy. i watched the new Santa Paws 2 with my dad last Monday and it was such a cute movie. It really is a good movie to get your spirits up for Christmas.i downloaded the new Taylor Swift album! I have been listening to it on you tube for so long and liked the songs so I had to buy it. the cute key chain was a present from my aunt who went to an amusement park last week. I have another one that has a different amusement park and thought it would be fun to collect them.

02 | This was a view outside of my classroom last Wednesday. I ended up not having a class that day so i enjoyed my day off with the beautiful weather. I went over to my parents and got homemade chocolate chip cookies. These are my favorite so i had to eat at least half before i went home! I thought i would get into the Christmas spirit early and paint my nails. They didn’t turn out as good so i didn’t take pictures for my blog.

03 | This has been my favorite thing i have done this week! My parents and I went on a road trip to where we were a few weeks ago. I posted about it in my last blog post but i didn’t get to take a picture with the giant pineapple cause it was so dark out and the lighting was awful. We had to get some paper work done there so I was so happy that I got to take a picture of it on a nice sunny day. it was so funny because i was looking for Spongebob! I thought i was so funny too! After that the next day, me and my dad went to the mall to pick up a few gifts. He wanted to come with me since it was so close to my campus. I saw this bag and fell in love. I hinted to my dad to buy it for me but who knows. It was in the pricey range so I hope he decides to get me it. I also took pictures of the pretty decorations they had in the mall. Me and my dad also took pictures with the Christmas trees so I thought that was so fun.

And I will be doing blogmas this year! I really wanted to do it last year but I didn’t have the time to do so. I am still debating whether or not I should do the whole 31 days or if i should just stop on the 25th. What do you think i should do? I got really inspired cause a lot of youtubers are doing vlogmas and i wanted to do that too but in blog form! I hope more people join cause i know it will be fun!

What did you enjoy doing this week?



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