Sunday Summaries | December 16, 2012

I decided not to do a instagram post because I haven’t posted any picture. I didn’t really have any pictures to post because I just focused on my last week of classes. So, one of my projects was to make a Christmas tree and as you can see the one above is my creation.

I got my inspiration from pinterest and I decided on the theme which was gold and red. I didn’t really want a red and green tree because I was right and all my other classmates did theirs in that color scheme. Mine was the only non-traditional colored tree which was good for me because it stood out against the others and mine actually looked like a Christmas tree while everyone’s looked like a cone with stars on it.But everyone did a good job and some of the other trees looked really great.

Another theme I had with my tree was bows! I really loved bows so I wanted to add them to my tree. I found these cute glitter bow ornaments and they were 60% off because they were overstocked and since the holidays are almost here they probably needed to get rid of them. I got a few boxes worth for cheap but since I had to leave my tree at school for 3 days I only put a few on but now that it is home with me I added a lot more decoration to it. The bow topper was actually so hard to find. I went to at least all the stores here and i couldn’t find one! I was so angry but I found this gold one and jumped at the chance to buy it for the tree.

I hope you guys don’t mind that I didn’t do an actually Sunday summaries this week. I really just went to school and back home this whole week. But now that I am off for the holidays I have been enjoying myself and I have been being productive and getting this done before Christmas.

What is the theme of your Christmas tree?



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