November Random Favorites 2012

I didn’t really have any beauty or fashion favorites for November so I did a random Favorites. This is what I have been loving throughout the month of November.

001 | coffee cup
I have been drinking coffee more recently and i love my cup. I usually don’t like coffee that much and i don’t drink it every day but i have been enjoying an occasional chocolate coffee mixture. I usually drink it when i have an early day and then I have to go home early. I should post how I make my chocolate coffee creation one of these days.

002 | hair bows
I have been loving my bows lately and i have been alternating two bows everyday. i have so many but these are always in reach so i grab for them. Since i wear a red uniform every day I have more red bows to match my uniform and i can’t really wear any other colors but neutral ones during the week.

003 | coin purse
I recently switched out my coin purse to another Cath Kidston one and I love it. It is floral and very cute and it is very handing instead of carrying around my big wallet. I have enough stuff in my bag so having this is more convenient for me.

004 | sippy cup
No i don’t have a Starbucks one but it is similar. I have a pink polka dot one which I use everyday. It is so cute and encourages me to drink more water and surprisingly it has worked. I have been seeing a difference when I drink a lot of water. I will post pictures on my instagram soon!

005 | favorite app – wattpad
I downloaded this on my iphone and I love reading stories on it. I took writing as my major so I love getting some creative inspiration from the stories I read. I love writing and I have been working on a few stories and this has inspired me to get back into writing and i have been doing good. Its a really good site to read some new works by people like you.

006 | favorite movie – Susie Q
I discovered this movie again and I remember how much i loved it. It was my favorite movie as a kid and when I found it on youtube I freaked out and had to watch it the minute I saw it. I can’t believe that was Disney back then. It was so different from now and I wish the old Disney would come back because they had some great films.

007 | favorite album – Taylor Swift – Red
I know on my friday favorites I have been putting this on there for 3 weeks now. I definitely love her whole album and Taylor Swift seems to be the only artist that I like the whole album. I bought it on itunes recently so I have been listening to it even more when I am going on road trips and just driving to school. 

What are you November random favorites?



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