Gift Guide for Him 2012

So, I am back again with another gift guide except this time I did one for guys. A close guy friend of mine helped me with a lot of it and even though I know he is not reading this I want to say thank you and I love the choices you made even though I was stubborn and trying to bug my way into your choices. And i also want to thank my dad and uncles for trying their best in suggesting some gifts!

So now for the gifts!

Miscellaneous Gifts |

01 | Mickey Mouse Coffee Cup
Okay, I kind of picked this one but I thought it was cute and I want a matching Minnie mouse one. They are cute mugs and they can either be put on display or if your guy loves to drink out of a mug like this then it would be a great present and you can add your guys favorite coffee or beverage or even some candy. 

02 | Cell Phone Cases
I added this to my gift guide for her but even a guy likes accessorizing their phone. Pick one that is guy friendly and that could be a nice stocking stuffer for one of your guy friends. 

Gadgets Gifts |

03 | Apple Ipad
My friend said he would love to get an ipad so I decided to put one in. I want one myself but who wouldn’t want an ipad if you have the money and want to treat someone you love with this techy gift.

04 | TV Show DVD Sets
Again, I added this to my other gift guide but my guy friend agrees and says getting a dvd set is a great thing to get especially if you know the guys favorite show. I already know what TV show to get him if you cant tell by the picture. It’s his favorite. 

05 | Nintendo 3DS
Now a boy isnt a boy without something involving games. My guy friend says this is his number one thing he wants for Christmas and I can’t blame him cause I kind of want one now too. We both have the old Lite one and this would be a fun thing to do together and plus we love mostly the same games. Just get some games if your guy has one already because that would make them extremely happy.

Beauty Products |

06 | Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Refueling Gift Set
I had to pick this set but he said that he wouldn’t mind getting a beauty set for Christmas. I picked one that had things guys prefer to use and since guys have been getting more into skincare and everything maybe it would be best to get him something like this. 

07 | Bleu De Chanel Perfume
I agree in getting a perfume. He choose this one and he said it smelt amazing. I love guys perfume on them and it would be nice not only for friends but your family members too like your dad or a cousin. 

Fashion Gifts |

08 | Vans Sneakers
I wouldn’t mind getting shoes and I cant believe so would a guy! If it is the ones they want then they don’t mind getting new kicks to sport during the new year. He picked these and hinted what size he was to me but I can’t make any promises what I would be getting him. 

09 | Men’s Jackets
If it is cold where you live you should buy him a jacket. They are very good presents and are worthwhile and can be used and not forgotten. Getting gifts that are usable are always the best gifts to recive.

10 | Socks
I don’t know who would get someone socks but even my dad says that socks are a nice gift. They are used all year round and they are comfy. I guess giving someone a pair of socks can be a nice gift.

11 | A Watch
I kind of like this idea the best and a guy always can use a nice new watch. This would have to be my favorite besides the mickey cup,  it is nice and it can be cheap and just a nice gift for mostly any age.

I think when I asked my guy friend to help me with this he was actually trying to give me his wish list so I can get him something from this list. He is very clever but he did help me out and I like the suggestions he gave me and I hope you do too.

What would you get your guy for Christmas?



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