Gift Guide for Her 2012

I really wanted to do a gift guide for my blog so I decided I would start off with stuff for her which is what I would like or a friend or a family member would like to receive as a gift.

Miscellaneous Gifts | 

01 | DVD Sets
If you know someone who loves to watch TV and is always bugging you about a certain season then why not buy that for them? It is a fun gift and maybe later you can watch it together. If i was to get a gift box full of my favorite shows then I would be so happy.

02 | Cell Phone Cases
I love getting phone cases and who wouldn’t. Pick the case they have
and choose a cute one. There are so many cases nowadays for different
type of phones so it will be nice fifth to give if you know someone who I
obsessed with cases.

Beauty Products |

03 | Nail Polish
If you know a nail polish lover then get them a nail polish set. It would be nice gift and it is just the right amount of money to spend on someone for the holiday season.

04 | Lip Products
Since the weather is cold out and everyone is using some sort of lip product why don’t you give a lip product basket. Fill up a basket full of different types of products for the lips and it will make a girl pretty happy if they see some of their favorite lip balms or lipstick in a cute container.

05 | Brush Kit
If you know someone who is into makeup or is just getting started then why don’t you give them brushes? It is a good staring point and that way hey can have more brushes in their collection. There are so many types of makeup brushes so why not let them explore and give them ones you haven’t seen them use.

06 | A body product
Give someone a pamper set. Put in some lotions and perfumes and soaps to make a girl feel pampered. Maybe buy a gift set and then give it to them in pretty packaging. It is always nice to get some luxury body care from someone on Christmas.

Accessory Gifts |

07 | Jewelry
As for jewelry a lot of females love getting this as a gift. I picked a few bracelets and a some necklaces to give as gifts like a friend or a cousin.Giving out some jewelry is always a nice and girls cant have to many can they?

08 | a handbag
I love bags and collect millions of them. I wouldn’t mind getting one as a gift. And it doesn’t have to be big it can also be little to carry around. There are so many bags to choose from so it wouldn’t be a hard gift to find.

09 | wallet
Since a lot of people might get money for Christmas they might need a new wallet. Give a cute one that matches there style and it can be very useful. And add some change for good luck!

10 | gift cards
It is always nice to get a gift card from a favorite store. I love getting them so I can choose what I want to spend it on and i wont feel bad about the gift i got.

What would you like to get as a gift from a friend?



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