Friday Favorites | 12.7.12

Favorite Makeup Product | China Glaze – Ring in the Red
This is such a pretty color for Christmas. I wanted to get more of this Christmas sprit and thought this is the color that represents Christmas the most. I love the glitter and how it reminds me of Dorothy’s red slippers. It is so cute and I will probably be wearing it all month.

Favorite Haircare Product | Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
This is a product I rediscovered again. I use to use this every week but since I changed my hair routine a bit I hit forgot about this. Maybe because it accidentally got shoved in the back if my beauty cabinet. But when I was cleaning the other week I saw this and used it that night. I love how soft my hair is after i use it and it has a nice scent.

Favorite Skincare Product | Lush Snow Fairy
I love this scent this time of year. I know I can use it whenever I want to but I like it during the holiday season. I love the color of it too and it leaves my skin so soft and fresh after I use it. I should go pick up a few more bottles before they go away again!

Favorite Website | Pinterest
I have been doing some art projects for a class if nine and Pinterest has been a big help for me. There are a lot of good tutorials and I have managed to complete and almost completed a lot of projects. I will post about it when I get all of it done.

Favorite TV Show | The Vampire Diaries
I cannot miss this show no matter how busy I am. Usually I just skip some shows until I get some time again but for the past few weeks I haven’t missed an episode. I tend to do that with a show and this past weeks have been TVD. It is getting so good hasn’t it. I love how the story is going so far and it is addicting to watch.

Favorite Song | Taylor Swift – I Almost Do
I know another Swift song but it’s just that good and I know I promised I would stop but ever since I started to write a story that I’m currently working on this came on and fit the mood of the story so well. It was a coincidence and ever since then I was addicted and started listening to it over over until I finished that chapter. I added it to the soundtrack of the book I’m writing too.

What has been your favorite nail polish this week?



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