Friday Favorites | 12.14.12

Favorite Makeup Product | China Glaze – Snow Globe
I love the Christmas colors and I think they are so nice and festive. I love layering this polish over other colors but I hate when I need to take the glitter off. And it really does look like a snow globe especially when I shake the bottle.

Favorite Hair Product | Foam Rollers
All this week I have been using my foam rollers because my classes were in the Kate afternoon and I wasn’t to lazy to put them up before I leave. I like when my hair is in perfect curls and I like when they are bouncy and pretty. And since my hair has gotten longer when the curls fall out in an hour my hair is very wavy and you can see the real length.

Favorite Skincare Product | Lush – It’s Raining Men
I have been switching up my body washes lately and this past month has been my two lush body washes. I like my snow fairy one but I also live the smell of this one and plus I like how it leaves my skin.

Favorite Website | Weheartit
I rediscovered this site again and I forgot how much fun it is. I remember I was obsessed with it a year ago. I love browsing through all the lovely pictures and I have been getting a lot of inspiration from there. Since I’ve got back into it i have been liking and adding so many fun photos. You can follow me on there under the name fashionxfairytale

Favorite TV Show | Glee
So I haven’t been watching Glee lately and since I had some free time I decided to do some catching up. I think I missed 3 episodes and I am all caught up now. I’ve been liking it but it really isn’t the same anymore. I still like it but that is why I haven’t been following it along that much.

Favorite Song | Taylor Swift – Ours
Okay I know another Taylor Swift song but at least it is from her Speak Now album. I actually never really listened to this song when it first came out but I had the album but I put it back on my iPhone I got around to listening to that album again and u found this song and just started loving it. It is actually the theme song to the story I’m writing like I said in my last Friday favorites.

What is your favorite body wash?



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