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Happy Blogmas everyone! I will try and blog all the way to Christmas! I’m not sure if I will finish the month but I will try!

I love tacky Christmas sweaters! I have had a few when i was younger and i have never thought they were ugly. I always enjoyed the pattern no matter how lame it was. I wish i could go out and get one again but i can’t since i don’t they have any where I live. These are a few I would love to pick up if I were to wear one again!

01 | Christmas Tree Sweater
I had one exactly like this and i remember the memories i had wearing this all month long.

02 | Snowman Sweater
It is so cute and I love the pattern all over it. The snowflakes are a cute touch too.

03 | Christmas Reindeer Patter Sweater
This really doesn’t remind me of Christmas that much but the pattern is pretty and more grown up.

04 | Tree and Snowman Pattern Sweater
I like this simple snowman and Christmas tree pattern. It is cute and i love the colors on it.

What is your favorite thing to wear during December?



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  1. Imogen
    December 2, 2012 / 7:57 pm

    Awwh, i love all of these jumpers, i have a thing for this kind of thing! love your layout & header too!

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