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I’ve decided to go buy a new cardigan. It has been pretty cold in the lecture hall so I want a cardigan to warm me up and not bring a thick jacket or a hoodie since I wear a proper uniform and wearing an oversized tacky hoodie to class isn’t wise especially when my comfy hoodies clash so badly with a long plaid skirt.

I choose these four because I want a neutral color and these all are such pretty colors I can wear with my uniform and when I wear other clothes.

01 | Blush Pink Cardigan
This is a pretty light pink an I love this kind of pink. I have been getting into more blush pink colors and I have been mesmerized by the pretty shade.

02 | Gray Cardigan
This grey color is nice and j like darker shades of the color gray. I like how it isn’t to loose or too tight and it has a nice shape to it.I like that it is knit to and it will be even warmer.

03 | Maroon Stud Cardigan
I think this is my favorite out if all the cardigans. I like the simpleness of it but I love the studs on it too. The color would go perfect with my uniform and it matches a lot of my clothing.

04 | White Cream Cardigan
I think plain white is such a nice neutral thing. I like having white jackets and I think I might get it in a white or maybe a cream. I won’t be wearing it long so it won’t get dirty as much.

Those are my choices of cardigans that I would love to wear. I hope I can pick one up for Christmas too.

What style of cardigan do you love wearing?



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