Christmas Wishlist 2012

I tried to keep my Christmas list a little bit simpler this year and not as for much. Even if I don’t get all of this I am fine with at least one!

01 | Apple ipad 2
This is the number one thing on my Christmas wish list this year. I really want an ipad and would really get a lot of use out of it. I kind of want the 2 because it is way cheaper now and I’m not much for the latest gadgets. I kind of need one so I can give my laptop a rest and I can use this on the go and do some other things I need it for too.

02 | iphone cases
This is an obsession! I told my whole family if they want to get me a gift just get me an iphone case. I pretty much don’t care just as long as they think they no what I want and I mean I would be happy with what ever they give me. I kind of want this one in particular because my family things I am the queen of everything sometimes. 

03 | bow rings
I think if i couldn’t get any thing else for Christmas I would just want a bow ring. I don’t really care about the rest if someone were to give me a bow ring. I think they are so cute and since my signature trademark is a bow I would so want everything I have to be in bow form. I can’t decide which one i want because they are both so cute. The gold one is classic and simple while the diamond is fancy and elegant. I think they would be lovely to get for Christmas.

04 | cardigan
I’ve been in search for the perfect cardigan and i think that is what I am going to treat myself too for Christmas. I want it for the cooler days here and when it is a little bit rainy. I am quite particular but I have a few that I picked out which will be in a post coming up.

05 | handbag
So my current handbag broke and i am so sad and since i only have 3 days left of classes I am using another bag I got for my birthday. I really want a satchel type again because they are easy to carry around and they are lightweight and cute. I kind of like one with a latch so I don’t have to keep opening and closing the zipper and sometimes I’ll break them or i need to open it several times a day. 

06 | Michael Kors watch
This one is what I am asking my parents to buy me. I really want a nice watch and since i have seen a lot of pretty Michael Kors watches I thought I should get one to see how good they are. I know this one is very expensive but I love the look of it and plus i love sparkly diamonds and crystals so this would be perfect for me. I really hope I can get this. 

07 | Taylor Swift wonderstruck
I have had an obsession with Taylor Swift lately. I have always wanted her perfume and I think its time to got out and get it. I want to get this one first before i go out and the second one. It smells amazing and the bottle is so pretty. I think i might get one as soon as they get them back in stock with a store i know.

Well, that is my Christmas list! I really don’t expect any of these things and will be thankful with the ones I get but it is nice to dream. I hope everyone is enjoying me doing Blogmas so far!

What is on you Christmas wish list?



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